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Long Papers

The Elephant in the Room: Analyzing the Presence of Big Tech in Natural Language Processing Research
Mohamed Abdalla, Jan Philip Wahle, Terry Lima Ruas, Aurélie Névéol, Fanny Ducel, Saif Mohammad and Karen Fort

How About Kind of Generating Hedges using End-to-End Neural Models?
Alafate Abulimiti, Chloé Clavel and Justine Cassell

What are the Desired Characteristics of Calibration Sets? Identifying Correlates on Long Form Scientific Summarization
Griffin Adams, Bichlien Nguyen, Jake Smith, Yingce Xia, Shufang Xie, Anna Ostropolets, Budhaditya Deb, Yuan-Jyue Chen, Tristan Naumann and Noémie Elhadad

Generating EDU Extracts for Plan-Guided Summary Re-Ranking
Griffin Adams, Alex Fabbri, Faisal Ladhak, Noémie Elhadad and Kathleen McKeown

The CRINGE Loss: Learning what language not to model
Leonard Adolphs, Tianyu Gao, Jing Xu, Kurt Shuster, Sainbayar Sukhbaatar and Jason Weston

Multimodal Persona Based Generation of Comic Dialogs
Harsh Agrawal, Aditya Mishra, Manish Gupta and Mausam

Script Normalization for Unconventional Writing of Under-Resourced Languages in Bilingual Communities
Sina Ahmadi and Antonios Anastasopoulos

MPCHAT: Towards Multimodal Persona-Grounded Conversation
Jaewoo Ahn, Yeda Song, Sangdoo Yun and Gunhee Kim

On-the-fly Cross-lingual Masking for Multilingual Pre-training
Xi Ai and Bin Fang

Early Discovery of Disappearing Entities in Microblogs
Satoshi Akasaki, Naoki Yoshinaga and Masashi Toyoda

Prompter: Zero-shot Adaptive Prefixes for Dialogue State Tracking Domain Adaptation
Ibrahim Taha Aksu, Min-Yen Kan and Nancy Chen

RL4F: Generating Natural Language Feedback with Reinforcement Learning for Repairing Model Outputs
Afra Feyza Akyurek, Ekin Akyurek, Ashwin Kalyan, Peter Clark, Derry Tanti Wijaya and Niket Tandon

LexSym: Compositionality as Lexical Symmetry
Ekin Akyurek and Jacob Andreas

A Diverse Set of Freely Available Linguistic Resources for Turkish

Query Refinement Prompts for Closed-Book Long-Form QA
Reinald Kim Amplayo, Kellie Webster, Michael Collins, Dipanjan Das and Shashi Narayan

Exploiting Biased Models to De-bias Text: A Gender-Fair Rewriting Model
Chantal Amrhein, Florian Schottmann, Rico Sennrich and Samuel Läubli

How Do In-Context Examples Affect Compositional Generalization?
Shengnan An, Zeqi Lin, Qiang Fu, Bei Chen, Nanning Zheng, Jian-Guang LOU and Dongmei Zhang

DisorBERT: A Double Domain Adaptation Model for Detecting Signs of Mental Disorders in Social Media
Mario Aragon, Adrian Pastor Lopez Monroy, Luis Gonzalez, David E. Losada and Manuel Montes

Topic-Guided Sampling For Data-Efficient Multi-Domain Stance Detection
Erik Arakelyan, Arnav Arora and Isabelle Augenstein

Unbalanced Optimal Transport for Unbalanced Word Alignment
Yuki Arase, Han Bao and Sho Yokoi

The KITMUS Test: Evaluating Knowledge Integration from Multiple Sources
Akshatha Arodi, Martin Pömsl, Kaheer Suleman, Adam Trischler, Alexandra Olteanu and Jackie Chi Kit Cheung

Direct Fact Retrieval from Knowledge Graphs without Entity Linking
Jinheon Baek, Alham Fikri Aji, Jens Lehmann and Sung Ju Hwang

Wukong-Reader: Multi-modal Pre-training for Fine-grained Visual Document Understanding
Haoli Bai, Zhiguang Liu, Xiaojun Meng, li wentao, Shuang Liu, Yifeng LUO, nian xie, Rongfu Zheng, Liangwei Wang, Lu Hou, Jiansheng Wei, Xin Jiang and Qun Liu

Syntax and Geometry of Information
Raphaël Bailly, Laurent Leblond and Kata Gábor

Rethinking the Role of Scale for In-Context Learning: An Interpretability-based Case Study at 66 Billion Scale
Hritik Bansal, Karthik Gopalakrishnan, Saket Dingliwal, Sravan Bodapati, Katrin Kirchhoff and Dan Roth

Controlling Learned Effects to Reduce Spurious Correlations in Text Classifiers
Parikshit Bansal and Amit Sharma

Target-Side Augmentation for Document-Level Machine Translation
Guangsheng Bao, ZHIYANG TENG and Yue Zhang

A Synthetic Data Generation Framework for Grounded Dialogues
Jianzhu Bao, Rui Wang, Yasheng Wang, Aixin Sun, Yitong Li, Fei Mi and Ruifeng Xu

CASN:Class-Aware Score Network for Textual Adversarial Detection
Rong Bao, Rui Zheng, Liang Ding, Qi Zhang and Dacheng Tao

Human Inspired Progressive Alignment and Comparative Learning for Grounded Word Acquisition
Yuwei Bao, Barrett Lattimer and Joyce Chai

Making More of Little Data: Improving Low-Resource Automatic Speech Recognition Using Data Augmentation
Martijn Bartelds, Nay San, Bradley McDonnell, Dan Jurafsky and Martijn Wieling

NEUROSTRUCTURAL DECODING: Neural Text Generation with Structural Constraints
Mohaddeseh Bastan, Mihai Surdeanu and Niranjan Balasubramanian

Span-Selective Linear Attention Transformers for Effective and Robust Schema-Guided Dialogue State Tracking
Björn Bebensee and Haejun Lee

ELQA: A Corpus of Metalinguistic Questions and Answers about English
Shabnam Behzad, Keisuke Sakaguchi, Nathan Schneider and Amir Zeldes

ByGPT5: End-to-End Style-conditioned Poetry Generation with Token-free Language Models
Jonas Belouadi and Steffen Eger

I2D2: Inductive Knowledge Distillation with NeuroLogic and Self-Imitation
Chandra Bhagavatula, Jena D. Hwang, Doug Downey, Ronan Le Bras, Ximing Lu, Lianhui Qin, Keisuke Sakaguchi, Swabha Swayamdipta, Peter West and Yejin Choi

CrossSum: Beyond English-Centric Cross-Lingual Summarization for 1,500+ Language Pairs
Abhik Bhattacharjee, Tahmid Hasan, Wasi Uddin Ahmad, Yuan-Fang Li, Yong-Bin Kang and Rifat Shahriyar

Simplicity Bias in Transformers and their Ability to Learn Sparse Boolean Functions
Satwik Bhattamishra, Arkil Patel, Varun Kanade and Phil Blunsom

DiffusEmp: A Diffusion Model-Based Framework with Multi-Grained Control for Empathetic Response Generation
Guanqun Bi, Lei Shen, Yanan Cao, Meng Chen, Yuqiang Xie, Zheng Lin and Xiaodong He

Prompting Language Models for Linguistic Structure
Terra Blevins, Hila Gonen and Luke Zettlemoyer

SIMSUM: Document-level Text Simplification via Simultaneous Summarization
Sofia Blinova, Xinyu Zhou, Martin Jaggi, Carsten Eickhoff and Seyed Ali Bahrainian

WikiHowQA: A Comprehensive Benchmark for Multi-Document Non-Factoid Question Answering
Valeriia Bolotova-Baranova, Vladislav Blinov, Sofya Filippova, Falk Scholer and Mark Sanderson

Multilingual Event Extraction from Historical Newspaper Adverts
Nadav Borenstein, Natália da Silva Perez and Isabelle Augenstein

Searching for Needles in a Haystack: On the Role of Incidental Bilingualism in PaLM’s Translation Capability
Eleftheria Briakou, Colin Cherry and George Foster

Measuring Progress in Fine-grained Vision-and-Language Understanding
Emanuele Bugliarello, Laurent Sartran, Aishwarya Agrawal, Lisa Anne Hendricks and Aida Nematzadeh

Convergence and Diversity in the Control Hierarchy
Alexandra Butoi, Ryan Cotterell and David Chiang

Peek Across: Improving Multi-Document Modeling via Cross-Document Question-Answering
Avi Caciularu, Matthew Peters, Jacob Goldberger, Ido Dagan and Arman Cohan

Query Enhanced Knowledge-Intensive Conversation via Unsupervised Joint Modeling
Mingzhu Cai, Siqi Bao, Xin Tian, Huang He, Fan Wang and Hua Wu

Generating User-Engaging News Headlines
Pengshan Cai, Kaiqiang Song, Sangwoo Cho, Hongwei Wang, Xiaoyang Wang, hong yu, Fei Liu and Dong Yu

A Systematic Study of Knowledge Distillation for Natural Language Generation with Pseudo-Target Training
Nitay Calderon, Subhabrata Mukherjee, Roi Reichart and Amir Kantor

What is the best recipe for character-level encoder-only modelling?
Kris Cao

PuMer: Pruning and Merging Tokens for Efficient Vision Language Models
Qingqing Cao, Bhargavi Paranjape and Hannaneh Hajishirzi

Bridging the Domain Gaps in Context Representations for $k$-Nearest Neighbor Neural Machine Translation
Zhiwei Cao, Baosong Yang, Huan Lin, Suhang Wu, Xiangpeng Wei, Dayiheng Liu, Jun Xie, Min Zhang and Jinsong Su

From Key Points to Key Point Hierarchy: Structured and Expressive Opinion Summarization
Arie Cattan, Lilach Eden, Yoav Kantor and Roy Bar-Haim

Improving Gradient Trade-offs between Tasks in Multi-task Text Classification
Heyan Chai, Jinhao Cui, Ye Wang, Min Zhang, Binxing Fang and Qing Liao

Zero-shot Approach to Overcome Perturbation Sensitivity of Prompts
Mohna Chakraborty, Adithya Kulkarni and Qi Li

LeXFiles and LegalLAMA: Facilitating English Multinational Legal Language Model Development
Ilias Chalkidis, Nicolas Garneau, Catalina Goanta, Daniel Katz and Anders Søgaard

Few-shot Adaptation Works with UnpredicTable Data
Jun Shern Chan, Michael Pieler, Jonathan Jao, Jérémy Scheurer and Ethan Perez

Composition-contrastive Learning for Sentence Embeddings
Sachin Chanchani and Ruihong Huang

Multi-CLS BERT: An Efficient Alternative to Traditional Ensembling
Haw-Shiuan Chang, Ruei-Yao Sun, Kathryn Ricci and Andrew McCallum

Data Curation Alone Can Stabilize In-context Learning
Ting-Yun Chang and Robin Jia

Characterizing and Measuring Linguistic Dataset Drift
Tyler Chang, Kishaloy Halder, Neha Anna John, Yogarshi Vyas, Yassine Benajiba, Miguel Ballesteros and Dan Roth

Learning Symbolic Rules over Abstract Meaning Representations for Textual Reinforcement Learning
Subhajit Chaudhury, Sarathkrishna Swaminathan, Daiki Kimura, Prithviraj Sen, Keerthiram Murugesan, Rosario Uceda-Sosa, Michiaki Tatsubori, Achille Fokoue, Pavan Kapanipathi, Asim Munawar and Alexander Gray

Ideology Prediction from Scarce and Biased Supervision: Learn to Disregard the "What” and Focus on the "How”!
Chen Chen, Dylan Walker and Venkatesh Saligrama

Weakly Supervised Vision-and-Language Pre-training with Relative Representations
Chi Chen, Peng Li, Maosong Sun and Yang Liu

Label-Aware Hyperbolic Embeddings for Fine-grained Emotion Classification
Chih Yao Chen, Tun Min Hung, Yi-Li Hsu and Lun-Wei Ku

mCLIP: Multilingual CLIP via Cross-lingual Transfer
Guanhua Chen, Lu Hou, Yun Chen, Wenliang Dai, Lifeng Shang, Xin Jiang, Qun Liu, Jia Pan and Wenping Wang

REV: Information-Theoretic Evaluation of Free-Text Rationales
Hanjie Chen, Faeze Brahman, Xiang Ren, Yangfeng Ji, Yejin Choi and Swabha Swayamdipta

Did the Models Understand Documents? Benchmarking Models for Language Understanding in Document-Level Relation Extraction
Haotian Chen, Bingsheng Chen and Xiangdong Zhou

Nonlinear Structural Equation Model Guided Gaussian Mixture Hierarchical Topic Modeling
HeGang Chen, Pengbo Mao, Yuyin Lu and Yanghui Rao

Say What You Mean! Large Language Models Speak Too Positively about Negative Commonsense Knowledge
Jiangjie Chen, Wei Shi, Ziquan Fu, Sijie Cheng, Lei Li and Yanghua Xiao

Learning In-context Learning for Named Entity Recognition
Jiawei Chen, Yaojie Lu, Hongyu Lin, Jie Lou, Wei Jia, Dai Dai, Hua Wu, Boxi Cao, Xianpei Han and Le Sun

Exploring How Generative Adversarial Networks Learn Phonological Representations
Jingyi Chen and Micha Elsner

TableVLM: Multi-modal Pre-training for Table Structure Recognition
Leiyuan Chen, Chengsong Huang, Xiaoqing Zheng, Jinshu Lin and Xuanjing Huang

CHEER: Centrality-aware High-order Event Reasoning Network for Document-level Event Causality Identification
Meiqi Chen, Yixin Cao, Yan Zhang and Zhiwei Liu

BLASER: A Text-Free Speech-to-Speech Translation Evaluation Metric
Mingda Chen, Paul-Ambroise Duquenne, Pierre Andrews, Justine Kao, Alexandre Mourachko, Holger Schwenk and Marta R. Costa-juss

Alleviating Over-smoothing for Unsupervised Sentence Representation
Nuo Chen, Linjun Shou, Jian Pei, Ming Gong, Bowen Cao, Jianhui Chang, Jia Li and Daxin Jiang

Consistent Prototype Learning for Few-Shot Continual Relation Extraction
Xiudi Chen, Hui Wu and xiaodong shi

Improving the Robustness of Summarization Systems with Dual Augmentation
Xiuying Chen, Guodong Long, Chongyang Tao, Mingzhe Li, Xin Gao, Chengqi Zhang and Xiangliang Zhang

DSEE: Dually Sparsity-embedded Efficient Tuning of Pre-trained Language Models
Xuxi Chen, Tianlong Chen, Weizhu Chen, Ahmed Hassan Awadallah, Zhangyang Wang and Yu Cheng

A Close Look into the Calibration of Pre-trained Language Models
Yangyi Chen, Lifan Yuan, Ganqu CUI, Zhiyuan Liu and Heng Ji

Dynamic Transformers Provide a False Sense of Efficiency
Yiming Chen, Simin Chen, Zexin Li, Wei Yang, Cong Liu, Robby Tan and Haizhou Li

PMAES: Prompt-mapping Contrastive Learning for Cross-prompt Automated Essay Scoring
Yuan Chen and Xia Li

Exploring Lottery Prompts for Pre-trained Language Models
Yulin Chen, Ning Ding, Xiaobin Wang, Shengding Hu, Haitao Zheng, Zhiyuan Liu and Pengjun Xie

UniSumm and SummZoo: Unified Model and Diverse Benchmark for Few-Shot Summarization
Yulong Chen, Yang Liu, Ruochen Xu, Ziyi Yang, Chenguang Zhu, Michael Zeng and Yue Zhang

Revisiting Cross-Lingual Summarization: A Corpus-based Study and A New Benchmark with Improved Annotation
Yulong Chen, Huajian Zhang, Yijie Zhou, Xuefeng Bai, Yueguan Wang, Ming Zhong, Jianhao Yan, Yafu Li, Judy Li, Xianchao Zhu and Yue Zhang

DISCO: Distilling Counterfactuals with Large Language Models
Zeming Chen, Qiyue Gao, Antoine Bosselut, Ashish Sabharwal and Kyle Richardson

From the One, Judge of the Whole: Typed Entailment Graph Construction with Predicate Generation
Zhibin Chen, Yansong Feng and Dongyan Zhao

Causal Intervention and Counterfactual Reasoning for Multi-modal Fake News Detection
Ziwei Chen, Linmei Hu, Weixin Li, Yingxia Shao and Liqiang Nie

Multi-granularity Temporal Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs
Ziyang Chen, Jinzhi Liao and Xiang Zhao

Explainable Recommendation with Personalized Review Retrieval and Aspect Learning
Hao Cheng, Shuo Wang, Wensheng Lu, Wei Zhang, Mingyang Zhou, Kezhong Lu and Hao Liao

MDACE: MIMIC Documents Annotated with Code Evidence
Hua Cheng, Rana Jafari, April Russell, Russell Klopfer, Edmond Lu, Benjamin Striner and Matthew Gormley

Marked Personas: Using Natural Language Prompts to Measure Stereotypes in Language Models
Myra Cheng, Esin Durmus and Dan Jurafsky

OpenSR: Open-Modality Speech Recognition via Maintaining Multi-Modality Alignment
Xize Cheng, Tao Jin, Linjun Li, Wang Lin, Xinyu Duan and Zhou Zhao

Dissecting Transformer Length Extrapolation via the Lens of Receptive Field Analysis
Ta-Chung Chi, Ting-Han Fan, alexander rudnicky and Peter Ramadge

Can Large Language Models Be an Alternative to Human Evaluations?
Cheng-Han Chiang and Hung-yi Lee

CELDA: Leveraging Black-box Language Model as Enhanced Classifier without Labels
Hyunsoo Cho, Youna Kim and Sang-goo Lee

Advancing Multi-Criteria Chinese Word Segmentation Through Criterion Classification and Denoising
Tzu Hsuan Chou, Chun-Yi Lin and Hung-Yu Kao

A Method for Studying Semantic Construal in Grammatical Constructions with Interpretable Contextual Embedding Spaces
Gabriella Chronis, Kyle Mahowald and Katrin Erk

Increasing Diversity While Maintaining Accuracy: Text Data Generation with Large Language Models and Human Interventions
John Chung, Ece Kamar and Saleema Amershi

Rule By Example: Harnessing Logical Rules for Explainable Hate Speech Detection
Christopher Clarke, Matthew Hall, Gaurav Mittal, Ye Yu, Sandra Sajeev, Jason Mars and Mei Chen

A dynamic programming algorithm for span-based nested named-entity recognition in O(n^2)
Caio Corro

Laziness Is a Virtue When It Comes to Compositionality in Neural Semantic Parsing
Maxwell Crouse, Pavan Kapanipathi, Subhajit Chaudhury, Tahira Naseem, Ramon Fernandez Astudillo, Achille Fokoue and Tim Klinger

Decoder Tuning: Efficient Language Understanding as Decoding
Ganqu CUI, Wentao Li, Ning Ding, Longtao Huang, Zhiyuan Liu and Maosong Sun

Adaptive and Personalized Exercise Generation for Online Language Learning
Peng Cui and Mrinmaya Sachan

What does the Failure to Reason with "Respectively’’ in Zero/Few-Shot Settings Tell Us about Language Models?
Ruixiang Cui, Seolhwa Lee, Daniel Hershcovich and Anders Søgaard

Free Lunch for Efficient Textual Commonsense Integration in Language Models
Wanyun Cui and Xingran Chen

From Ultra-Fine to Fine: Fine-tuning Ultra-Fine Entity Typing Models to Fine-grained
Hongliang Dai and Ziqian Zeng

Long-Tailed Question Answering in an Open World
Yi Dai, Hao Lang, Yinhe Zheng, Fei Huang and Yongbin Li

Detecting and Mitigating Hallucinations in Machine Translation: Model Internal Workings Alone Do Well, Sentence Similarity Even Better
David Dale, Elena Voita, Loic Barrault and Marta R. Costa-jussà

Analyzing Transformers in Embedding Space
Guy Dar, Mor Geva, Ankit Gupta and Jonathan Berant

Improving Pretraining Techniques for Code-Switched NLP
Richeek Das, Sahasra Ranjan, Shreya Pathak and Preethi Jyothi

Dependency resolution at the syntax-semantics interface: psycholinguistic and computational insights on control dependencies
Iria de-Dios-Flores, Juan Garcia Amboage and Marcos Garcia

Subset Retrieval Nearest Neighbor Machine Translation
Hiroyuki Deguchi, Taro Watanabe, Yusuke Matsui, Masao Utiyama, Hideki Tanaka and Eiichiro Sumita

SPEECH: Structured Prediction with Energy-Based Event-Centric Hyperspheres
Shumin Deng, Shengyu Mao, Ningyu Zhang and Bryan Hooi

Counterfactual Active Learning for Out-of-Distribution Generalization
Xun Deng, Wenjie Wang, Fuli Feng, Hanwang Zhang, Xiangnan He and Yong Liao

Knowledge-enhanced Mixed-initiative Dialogue System for Emotional Support Conversations
Yang Deng, Wenxuan Zhang, Yifei Yuan and Wai Lam

Product Question Answering in E-Commerce: A Survey
Yang Deng, Wenxuan Zhang, Qian Yu and Wai Lam

Towards Faithful Dialogues via Focus Learning
Yifan Deng, Xingsheng Zhang, Heyan Huang and Yue Hu

Bidirectional Generative Framework for Cross-domain Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis
Yue Deng, Wenxuan Zhang, Sinno Jialin Pan and Lidong Bing

Mixture-of-Domain-Adapters: Decoupling and Injecting Domain Knowledge to Pre-trained Language Models’ Memories
Shizhe Diao, Tianyang Xu, Ruijia Xu, Jiawei Wang and Tong Zhang

Is GPT-3 a Good Data Annotator?
BOSHENG DING, Chengwei Qin, Linlin Liu, Yew Ken Chia, Boyang Li, Shafiq Joty and Lidong Bing

MasakhaPOS: Part-of-Speech Tagging for Typologically Diverse African languages
Cheikh M. Bamba Dione, David Ifeoluwa Adelani, Peter Nabende, Jesujoba Alabi, Thapelo Sindane, Happy Buzaaba, Shamsuddeen Hassan Muhammad, Chris Chinenye Emezue, Perez Ogayo, Anuoluwapo Aremu, Catherine Gitau, Derguene Mbaye, Jonathan Mukiibi, Blessing Sibanda, Bonaventure F. P. Dossou, Andiswa Bukula, Rooweither Mabuya, Allahsera Auguste Tapo, Edwin Munkoh-Buabeng, victoire Memdjokam Koagne, Fatoumata Ouoba Kabore, Amelia Taylor, Godson KALIPE, Tebogo Macucwa, Vukosi Marivate, Tajuddeen Gwadabe, Mboning Tchiaze Elvis, Ikechukwu Onyenwe, Gratien Atindogbe, Tolulope Adelani, Idris Akinade, Olanrewaju Samuel, Marien NAHIMANA, Théogène MUSABEYEZU, Emile Niyomutabazi, Ester Chimhenga, Kudzai Gotosa, Patrick Mizha, Apelete AGBOLO, SEYDOU TRAORE, Chinedu Uchechukwu, Aliyu Yusuf, Muhammad Abdullahi and Dietrich Klakow

Unsupervised Open-domain Keyphrase Generation
Lam Do, Pritom Saha Akash and Kevin Chen-Chuan Chang

Modeling What-to-ask and How-to-ask for Answer-unaware Conversational Question Generation
Xuan Long Do, Bowei Zou, Shafiq Joty, Tran Tai, Liangming Pan, Nancy Chen and Ai Ti Aw

Towards Leaving No Indic Language Behind: Building Monolingual Corpora, Benchmark and Models for Indic Languages
Sumanth Doddapaneni, Rahul Aralikatte, Gowtham Ramesh, Shreya Goyal, Mitesh M. Khapra, Anoop Kunchukuttan and Pratyush Kumar

ColD Fusion: Collaborative Descent for Distributed Multitask Finetuning
Shachar Don-Yehiya, Elad Venezian, Colin Raffel, Noam Slonim and Leshem Choshen

Generalizing Backpropagation for Gradient-Based Interpretability
Kevin Du, Lucas Torroba Hennigen, Niklas Stoehr, Alex Warstadt and Ryan Cotterell

A Measure-Theoretic Characterization of Tight Language Models
Li Du, Lucas Torroba Hennigen, Tiago Pimentel, Clara Meister, Jason Eisner and Ryan Cotterell

Towards Stable Natural Language Understanding via Information Entropy Guided Debiasing
Li Du, Xiao Ding, Zhouhao Sun, Ting Liu, Bing Qin and Jingshuo Liu

StoryWars: A Dataset and Instruction Tuning Baselines for Collaborative Story Understanding and Generation
Yulun Du and Lydia Chilton

Measuring the Instability of Fine-Tuning
Yupei Du and Dong Nguyen

To Adapt or to Annotate: Challenges and Interventions for Domain Adaptation in Open-Domain Question Answering
Dheeru Dua, Emma Strubell, Sameer Singh and Pat Verga

MAD-TSC: A Multilingual Aligned News Dataset for Target-dependent Sentiment Classification
Evan Dufraisse, Adrian Popescu, Julien Tourille, Armelle Brun and Jerome Deshayes

SpeechMatrix: A Large-Scale Mined Corpus of Multilingual Speech-to-Speech Translations
Paul-Ambroise Duquenne, Hongyu Gong, Ning Dong, Jingfei Du, Ann Lee, Vedanuj Goswami, Changhan Wang, Juan Pino, Benoît Sagot and Holger Schwenk

Automatic Annotation of Direct Speech in Written French Narratives
Noé Durandard, Viet Anh TRAN, Gaspard Michel and Elena Epure

NLPeer: A Unified Resource for the Computational Study of Peer Review
Nils Dycke, Ilia Kuznetsov and Iryna Gurevych

How do humans perceive adversarial text? A reality check on the validity and naturalness of word-based adversarial attacks
Salijona Dyrmishi, Salah GHAMIZI and Maxime Cordy

HuCurl: Human-induced Curriculum Discovery
Mohamed Elgaar and Hadi Amiri

Injecting knowledge into language generation: a case study in auto-charting after-visit care instructions from medical dialogue
Maksim Eremeev, Ilya Valmianski, Xavier Amatriain and Anitha Kannan

StoryARG: a corpus of narratives and personal experiences in argumentative texts
Neele Falk and Gabriella Lapesa

MANNER: A Variational Memory-Augmented Model for Cross Domain Few-Shot Named Entity Recognition
Jinyuan Fang, Xiaobin Wang, Zaiqiao Meng, Pengjun Xie, Fei Huang and Yong Jiang

Understanding and Bridging the Modality Gap for Speech Translation
Qingkai Fang and Yang Feng

Back Translation for Speech-to-text Translation Without Transcripts
Qingkai Fang and Yang Feng

Towards Domain-Agnostic and Domain-Adaptive Dementia Detection from Spoken Language
Shahla Farzana and Natalie Parde

Cross-lingual Science Journalism: Select, Simplify and Rewrite Summaries for Non-expert Readers
Mehwish Fatima and Michael Strube

Scene Graph as Pivoting: Inference-time Image-free Unsupervised Multimodal Machine Translation with Visual Scene Hallucination
Hao Fei, Qian Liu, Meishan Zhang, Min Zhang and Tat-Seng Chua

Mitigating Label Biases for In-context Learning
Yu Fei, Yifan Hou, Zeming Chen and Antoine Bosselut

Enhancing Grammatical Error Correction Systems with Explanations
Yuejiao Fei, Leyang Cui, Sen Yang, Wai Lam, Zhenzhong Lan and Shuming Shi

WinoQueer: A Community-in-the-Loop Benchmark for Anti-LGBTQ+ Bias in Large Language Models
Virginia Felkner, Ho-Chun Herbert Chang, Eugene Jang and Jonathan May

Joint Constrained Learning with Boundary-adjusting for Emotion-Cause Pair Extraction
Huawen Feng, Junlong Liu, Junhao Zheng, Haibin Chen, Xichen Shang and Qianli Ma

MMDialog: A Large-scale Multi-turn Dialogue Dataset Towards Multi-modal Open-domain Conversation
Jiazhan Feng, Qingfeng Sun, Can Xu, Pu Zhao, Yaming Yang, Chongyang Tao, Dongyan Zhao and Qingwei Lin

KALM: Knowledge-Aware Integration of Local, Document, and Global Contexts for Long Document Understanding
Shangbin Feng, Zhaoxuan Tan, Wenqian Zhang, Zhenyu Lei and Yulia Tsvetkov

From Pretraining Data to Language Models to Downstream Tasks: Tracking the Trails of Political Biases Leading to Unfair NLP Models
Shangbin Feng, Chan Young Park, Yuhan Liu and Yulia Tsvetkov

Generic Temporal Reasoning with Differential Analysis and Explanation
Yu Feng, Ben Zhou, Haoyu Wang, Helen Jin and Dan Roth

Schema-Guided User Satisfaction Modeling for Task-Oriented Dialogues
Yue Feng, Yunlong Jiao, Animesh Prasad, Nikolaos Aletras, Emine Yilmaz and Gabriella Kazai

DuNST: Dual Noisy Self Training for Semi-Supervised Controllable Text Generation
Yuxi Feng, Xiaoyuan Yi, Xiting Wang, Laks Lakshmanan, V.S. and Xing Xie

When Does Translation Require Context? A Data-driven, Multilingual Exploration
Patrick Fernandes, Kayo Yin, Emmy Liu, André Martins and Graham Neubig

Explaining How Transformers Use Context to Build Predictions
Javier Ferrando, Gerard I. Gállego, Ioannis Tsiamas and Marta R. Costa-jussà

Don’t Forget Your ABC’s: Evaluating the State-of-the-Art in Chat-Oriented Dialogue Systems
Sarah E. Finch, James D. Finch and Jinho D. Choi

MASSIVE: A 1M-Example Multilingual Natural Language Understanding Dataset with 51 Typologically-Diverse Languages
Jack FitzGerald, Christopher Hench, Charith Peris, Scott Mackie, Kay Rottmann, Ana Sanchez, Aaron Nash, Liam Urbach, Vishesh Kakarala, Richa Singh, Swetha Ranganath, Laurie Crist, Misha Britan, Wouter Leeuwis, Gokhan Tur and Prem Natarajan

FairPrism: Evaluating Fairness-Related Harms in Text Generation
Eve Fleisig, Aubrie Amstutz, Chad Atalla, Su Lin Blodgett, Hal Daumé III, Alexandra Olteanu, Emily Sheng, Dan Vann and Hanna Wallach

Matching Pairs: Attributing Fine-Tuned Models to their Pre-Trained Large Language Models
Myles Foley, Ambrish Rawat, Taesung Lee, Yufang Hou, Gabriele Picco and Giulio Zizzo

EPIC: Multi-Perspective Annotation of a Corpus of Irony
Simona Frenda, Alessandro Pedrani, Valerio Basile, Soda Marem Lo, Alessandra Teresa Cignarella, Raffaella Panizzon, Cristina Marco, Bianca Scarlini, Viviana Patti, Cristina Bosco and Davide Bernardi

Conflicts, Villains, Resolutions: Towards models of Narrative Media Framing
Lea Frermann, Jiatong Li, Shima Khanehzar and Gosia Mikolajczak

On the Compositional Generalization in Versatile Open-domain Dialogue
Tingchen Fu, Xueliang Zhao, Lemao Liu and Rui Yan

Tackling Ambiguity with Images: Improved Multimodal Machine Translation and Contrastive Evaluation
Matthieu Futeral, Cordelia Schmid, Ivan Laptev, Benoît Sagot and Rachel Bawden

Learning Answer Generation using Supervision from Automatic Question Answering Evaluators
Matteo Gabburo, Siddhant Garg, Rik Koncel-Kedziorski and Alessandro Moschitti

Question-Answering in a Low-resourced Language: Benchmark Dataset and Models for Tigrinya
Fitsum Gaim, Wonsuk Yang, Hancheol Park and Jong Park

Annotating Mentions Alone Enables Efficient Domain Adaptation for Coreference Resolution
Nupoor Gandhi, Anjalie Field and Emma Strubell

LiveChat: A Large-Scale Personalized Dialogue Dataset Automatically Constructed from Live Streaming
Jingsheng Gao, Yixin Lian, Ziyi Zhou, yuzhuo fu and Baoyuan Wang

RARR: Researching and Revising What Language Models Say, Using Language Models
Luyu Gao, Zhuyun Dai, Panupong Pasupat, Anthony Chen, Arun Tejasvi Chaganty, Yicheng Fan, Vincent Zhao, Ni Lao, Hongrae Lee, Da-Cheng Juan and Kelvin Guu

Precise Zero-Shot Dense Retrieval without Relevance Labels
Luyu Gao, Xueguang Ma, Jimmy Lin and Jamie Callan

Reference Matters: Benchmarking Factual Error Correction for Dialogue Summarization with Fine-grained Evaluation Framework
Mingqi Gao, Xiaojun Wan, Jia Su, Zhefeng Wang and baoxing Huai

Dialogue Summarization with Static-Dynamic Structure Fusion Graph
Shen Gao, Xin Cheng, Mingzhe Li, Xiuying Chen, Jinpeng Li, Dongyan Zhao and Rui Yan

PeaCoK: Persona Commonsense Knowledge for Consistent and Engaging Narratives
Silin Gao, Beatriz Borges, Soyoung Oh, Deniz Bayazit, Saya Kanno, Hiromi Wakaki, Yuki Mitsufuji and Antoine Bosselut

DSRM: Boost Textual Adversarial Training with Distribution Shift Risk Minimization
SongYang Gao, Shihan Dou, Yan Liu, Xiao Wang, Qi Zhang, Zhongyu Wei, Jin Ma and Ying Shan

Small Pre-trained Language Models Can be Fine-tuned as Large Models via Over-Parameterization
Ze-Feng Gao, Kun Zhou, Peiyu Liu, Wayne Xin Zhao and Ji-Rong Wen

Entailment as Robust Self-Learner
Jiaxin Ge, Hongyin Luo, Yoon Kim and James Glass

Compounding Geometric Operations for Knowledge Graph Completion
Xiou Ge, Yun Cheng Wang, Bin Wang and C.-C. Jay Kuo

The Benefits of Bad Advice: Autocontrastive Decoding across Model Layers
Ariel Gera, Roni Friedman, Ofir Arviv, Chulaka Gunasekara, Benjamin Sznajder, Noam Slonim and Eyal Shnarch

ACCENT: An Automatic Event Commonsense Evaluation Metric for Open-Domain Dialogue Systems
Sarik Ghazarian, Yijia Shao, Rujun Han, Aram Galstyan and Nanyun Peng

ACLM: A Selective-Denoising based Generative Data Augmentation Approach for Low-Resource Complex NER
Sreyan Ghosh, Utkarsh Tyagi, Manan Suri, Sonal Kumar, Ramaneswaran S and Dinesh Manocha

Multitask Pretraining with Structured Knowledge for Text-to-SQL Generation
Robert Giaquinto, Dejiao Zhang, Benjamin Kleiner, Yang Li, Ming Tan, Parminder Bhatia, Ramesh Nallapati and Xiaofei Ma

Interpretable Word Sense Representations via Definition Generation: The Case of Semantic Change Analysis
Mario Giulianelli, Iris Luden, Raquel Fernandez and Andrey Kutuzov

Model-Generated Pretraining Signals Improves Zero-Shot Generalization of Text-to-Text Transformers
Linyuan Gong, Chenyan Xiong, Xiaodong Liu, Payal Bajaj, Yiqing Xie, Alvin Cheung, Jianfeng Gao and Xia Song

MvP: Multi-view Prompting Improves Aspect Sentiment Tuple Prediction
Zhibin Gou, qingyan guo and Yujiu Yang

Factual or Contextual? Disentangling Error Types in Entity Description Generation
Navita Goyal, Ani Nenkova and Hal Daumé III

Massively Multilingual Lexical Specialization of Multilingual Transformers
Tommaso Green, Simone Paolo Ponzetto and Goran Glavaš

Rogue Scores
Max Grusky

GIFT: Graph-Induced Fine-Tuning for Multi-Party Conversation Understanding
Jia-Chen Gu, Zhenhua Ling, Quan Liu, Cong Liu and Guoping Hu

A Gradient Control Method for Backdoor Attacks on Parameter-Efficient Tuning
Naibin Gu, Peng Fu, Xiyu Liu, Zhengxiao Liu, Zheng Lin and Weiping Wang

Don’t Generate, Discriminate: A Proposal for Grounding Language Models to Real-World Environments
Yu Gu, Xiang Deng and Yu Su

Do language models have coherent mental models of everyday things?
Yuling Gu, Bhavana Dalvi Mishra and Peter Clark

Pre-Training to Learn in Context
Yuxian Gu, Li Dong, Furu Wei and Minlie Huang

Controllable Text Generation via Probability Density Estimation in the Latent Space
Yuxuan Gu, Xiaocheng Feng, Sicheng Ma, Lingyuan Zhang, Heng Gong, Weihong Zhong and Bing Qin

On the Evaluation of Neural Selective Prediction Methods for Natural Language Processing
Zhengyao Gu and Mark Hopkins

Optimal Transport for Unsupervised Hallucination Detection in Neural Machine Translation
Nuno M. Guerreiro, Pierre Colombo, Pablo Piantanida and André Martins

HiFi: High-Information Attention Heads Hold for Parameter-Efficient Model Adaptation
Anchun Gui and Han Xiao

Visually-augmented pretrained language models for NLP tasks without images
Hangyu Guo, Kun Zhou, Wayne Xin Zhao, Qinyu Zhang and Ji-Rong Wen

Decoding Symbolism in Language Models
Meiqi Guo, Rebecca Hwa and Adriana Kovashka

Dual Cache for Long Document Neural Coreference Resolution
Qipeng Guo, Xiangkun Hu, Yue Zhang, Xipeng Qiu and Zheng Zhang

Learning Optimal Policy for Simultaneous Machine Translation via Binary Search
Shoutao Guo, Shaolei Zhang and Yang Feng

Counterfactual Multihop QA: A Cause-Effect Approach for Reducing Disconnected Reasoning
Wangzhen Guo, Qinkang Gong, Yanghui Rao and Hanjiang Lai

Analyzing and Reducing the Performance Gap in Cross-Lingual Transfer with Fine-tuning Slow and Fast
Yiduo Guo, Yaobo Liang, Dongyan Zhao, Bing Liu and Nan Duan

Bi-Phone: Modeling Inter Language Phonetic Influences in Text
Abhirut Gupta, Ananya B. Sai, Richard Sproat, Yuri Vasilevski, James Ren, Ambarish Jash, Sukhdeep Sodhi and Aravindan Raghuveer

Don’t Retrain, Just Rewrite: Countering Adversarial Perturbations by Rewriting Text
Ashim Gupta, Carter Blum, Temma Choji, Yingjie Fei, Shalin Shah, Alakananda Vempala and Vivek Srikumar

Counterspeeches up my sleeve! Intent Distribution Learning and Persistent Fusion for Intent-Conditioned Counterspeech Generation
Rishabh Gupta, Shaily Desai, Manvi Goel, Anil Bandhakavi, Tanmoy Chakraborty and Md. Shad Akhtar

DiSCoMaT: Distantly Supervised Composition Extraction from Tables in Materials Science Articles
Tanishq Gupta, Mohd Zaki, Devanshi Khatsuriya, Kausik Hira, N M Anoop Krishnan and Mausam

Linguistic representations for fewer-shot relation extraction across domains
Sireesh Gururaja, Ritam Dutt, Tinglong Liao and Carolyn Rosé

Hybrid Knowledge Transfer for Improved Cross-Lingual Event Detection via Hierarchical Sample Selection
Luis Guzman Nateras, Franck Dernoncourt and Thien Nguyen

Improving the Detection of Multilingual Online Attacks with Rich Social Media Data from Singapore
Janosch Haber, Bertie Vidgen, Matthew Chapman, Vibhor Agarwal, Roy Ka-Wei Lee, Yong Keong Yap and Paul Röttger

Text Style Transfer with Contrastive Transfer Pattern Mining
Jingxuan Han, Quan Wang, Licheng Zhang, Weidong Chen, Yan Song and Zhendong Mao

SSD-LM: Semi-autoregressive Simplex-based Diffusion Language Model for Text Generation and Modular Control
Xiaochuang Han, Sachin Kumar and Yulia Tsvetkov

Understanding In-Context Learning via Supportive Pretraining Data
Xiaochuang Han, Daniel Simig, Todor Mihaylov, Yulia Tsvetkov, Asli Celikyilmaz and Tianlu Wang

bgGLUE: A Bulgarian General Language Understanding Evaluation Benchmark
Momchil Hardalov, Pepa Atanasova, Todor Mihaylov, Galia Angelova, Kiril Simov, Petya Osenova, Veselin Stoyanov, Ivan Koychev, Preslav Nakov and Dragomir Radev

Neural Unsupervised Reconstruction of Protolanguage Word Forms
Andre He, Nicholas Tomlin and Dan Klein

Z-Code++: A Pre-trained Language Model Optimized for Abstractive Summarization
Pengcheng He, Baolin Peng, Song Wang, Yang Liu, Ruochen Xu, Hany Hassan, Yu Shi, Chenguang Zhu, Wayne Xiong, Michael Zeng, Jianfeng Gao and Xuedong Huang

HAUSER: Towards Holistic and Automatic Evaluation of Simile Generation
Qianyu He, Yikai Zhang, Jiaqing Liang, Yuncheng Huang, Yanghua Xiao and Yunwen Chen

PAD-Net: An Efficient Framework for Dynamic Networks
Shwai He, Liang Ding, Daize Dong, Boan Liu, Fuqiang Yu and Dacheng Tao

On the Blind Spots of Model-Based Evaluation Metrics for Text Generation
Tianxing He, Jingyu Zhang, Tianle Wang, Sachin Kumar, Kyunghyun Cho, James Glass and Yulia Tsvetkov

HermEs: Interactive Spreadsheet Formula Prediction via Hierarchical Formulet Expansion
Wanrong He, Haoyu Dong, Yihuai Gao, zhichao fan, Xingzhuo Guo, Zhitao Hou, Xiao Lv, Ran Jia, Shi Han and Dongmei Zhang

Exploring the Capacity of Pretrained Language Models for Reasoning about Actions and Change
Weinan He, Canming Huang, Zhanhao Xiao and Yongmei Liu

Revisiting Event Argument Extraction: Can EAE Models Learn Better When Being Aware of Event Co-occurrences?
Yuxin He, Jingyue Hu and Buzhou Tang

Targeted Data Generation: Finding and Fixing Model Weaknesses
Zexue He, Marco Tulio Ribeiro and Fereshte Khani

DiffusionBERT: Improving Generative Masked Language Models with Diffusion Models
Zhengfu He, Tianxiang Sun, Qiong Tang, Kuanning Wang, Xuanjing Huang and Xipeng Qiu

UMRSpell: Unifying the Detection and Correction Parts of Pre-trained Models towards Chinese Missing, Redundant, and Spelling Correction
Zheyu He, Yujin Zhu, Linlin Wang and Liang Xu

Language of Bargaining
Mourad Heddaya, Solomon Dworkin, Chenhao Tan, Rob Voigt and Alexander Zentefis

DAMP: Doubly Aligned Multilingual Parser for Task-Oriented Dialogue
William Held, Christopher Hidey, Fei Liu, Eric Zhu, Rahul Goel, Diyi Yang and Rushin Shah

MultiTACRED: A Multilingual Version of the TAC Relation Extraction Dataset
Leonhard Hennig, Philippe Thomas and Sebastian Möller

Comparative evaluation of boundary-relaxed annotation for Entity Linking performance
Gabriel Herman Bernardim Andrade, Shuntaro Yada and Eiji ARAMAKI

Do Androids Laugh at Electric Sheep? Humor "Understanding" Benchmarks from The New Yorker Caption Contest
Jack Hessel, Ana Marasovic, Jena D. Hwang, Lillian Lee, Jeff Da, Rowan Zellers, Robert Mankoff and Yejin Choi

Backpack Language Models
John Hewitt, John Thickstun, Christopher Manning and Percy Liang

Empowering Cross-lingual Behavioral Testing of NLP Models with Typological Features
Ester Hlavnova and Sebastian Ruder

Large Language Models Are Reasoning Teachers
Namgyu Ho, Laura Schmid and Se-Young Yun

My side, your side and the evidence: Discovering aligned actor groups and the narratives they weave
Pavan Holur, David Chong, Timothy Tangherlini and Vwani Roychowdhury

Faithful Question Answering with Monte-Carlo Planning
Ruixin Hong, Hongming Zhang, Hong Zhao, Dong Yu and Changshui Zhang

Unnatural Instructions: Tuning Language Models with (Almost) No Human Labor
Or Honovich, Thomas Scialom, Omer Levy and Timo Schick

Instruction Induction: From Few Examples to Natural Language Task Descriptions
Or Honovich, Uri Shaham, Samuel R. Bowman and Omer Levy

Attributable and Scalable Opinion Summarization
Tom Hosking, Hao Tang and Mirella Lapata

MISGENDERED: Limits of Large Language Models in Understanding Pronouns
Tamanna Hossain, Sunipa Dev and Sameer Singh

Resolving Indirect Referring Expressions for Entity Selection
Mohammad Javad Hosseini, Filip Radlinski, Silvia Pareti and Annie Louis

ORGAN: Observation-Guided Radiology Report Generation via Tree Reasoning
Wenjun Hou, Kaishuai Xu, Yi Cheng, Wenjie Li and Jiang Liu

CONE: An Efficient COarse-to-fiNE Alignment Framework for Long Video Temporal Grounding
Zhijian Hou, Wanjun Zhong, Lei Ji, DIFEI GAO, Kun Yan, W.K. Chan, Chong-Wah Ngo, Mike Zheng Shou and Nan Duan

TAGPRIME: A Unified Framework for Relational Structure Extraction
I-Hung Hsu, Kuan-Hao Huang, Shuning Zhang, Wenxin Cheng, Prem Natarajan, Kai-Wei Chang and Nanyun Peng

AMPERE: AMR-Aware Prefix for Generation-Based Event Argument Extraction Model
I-Hung Hsu, Zhiyu Xie, Kuan-Hao Huang, Prem Natarajan and Nanyun Peng

InfoMetIC: An Informative Metric for Reference-free Image Caption Evaluation
Anwen Hu, Shizhe Chen, Liang Zhang and Qin Jin

Supervised Adversarial Contrastive Learning for Emotion Recognition in Conversations
Dou Hu, Yinan Bao, Lingwei Wei, Wei Zhou and Songlin Hu

A fine-grained comparison of pragmatic language understanding in humans and language models
Jennifer Hu, Sammy Floyd, Olessia Jouravlev, Evelina Fedorenko and Edward Gibson

Won’t Get Fooled Again: Answering Questions with False Premises
Shengding Hu, Yifan Luo, Huadong Wang, Xingyi Cheng, Zhiyuan Liu and Maosong Sun

In-Context Analogical Reasoning with Pre-Trained Language Models
Xiaoyang Hu, Shane Storks, Richard Lewis and Joyce Chai

MeetingBank: A Benchmark Dataset for Meeting Summarization
Yebowen Hu, Timothy Ganter, Hanieh Deilamsalehy, Franck Dernoncourt, Hassan Foroosh and Fei Liu

Hearing Lips in Noise: Universal Viseme-Phoneme Mapping and Transfer for Robust Audio-Visual Speech Recognition
Yuchen Hu, Ruizhe Li, Chen Chen, Chengwei Qin, Qiu-Shi Zhu and Eng Siong Chng

MIR-GAN: Refining Frame-Level Modality-Invariant Representations with Adversarial Network for Audio-Visual Speech Recognition
Yuchen Hu, Chen Chen, Ruizhe Li, Heqing Zou and Eng Siong Chng

Semantic Structure Enhanced Event Causality Identification
Zhilei Hu, Zixuan Li, Xiaolong Jin, Long Bai, Saiping Guan, Jiafeng Guo and Xueqi Cheng

Improving Translation Quality Estimation with Bias Mitigation
Hui Huang, Shuangzhi Wu, Kehai Chen, Hui Di, Muyun Yang and Tiejun Zhao

Knowledge Transfer in Incremental Learning for Multilingual Neural Machine Translation
Kaiyu Huang, Peng Li, Jin Ma, Ting Yao and Yang Liu

ParaAMR: A Large-Scale Syntactically Diverse Paraphrase Dataset by AMR Back-Translation
Kuan-Hao Huang, Varun Iyer, I-Hung Hsu, Anoop Kumar, Kai-Wei Chang and Aram Galstyan

Faking Fake News for Real Fake News Detection: Propaganda-Loaded Training Data Generation
Kung-Hsiang Huang, Kathleen McKeown, Preslav Nakov, Yejin Choi and Heng Ji

Zero-shot Faithful Factual Error Correction
Kung-Hsiang Huang, Hou Pong Chan and Heng Ji

More than Classification: A Unified Framework for Event Temporal Relation Extraction
Quzhe Huang, Yutong Hu, Shengqi Zhu, Yansong Feng, Chang Liu and Dongyan Zhao

AV-TranSpeech: Audio-Visual Robust Speech-to-Speech Translation
Rongjie Huang, Huadai Liu, Xize Cheng, Yi Ren, Linjun Li, Zhenhui Ye, Jinzheng He, Lichao Zhang, Jinglin Liu, Xiang Yin and Zhou Zhao

An Extensible Plug-and-Play Method for Multi-Aspect Controllable Text Generation
Xuancheng Huang, Zijun Liu, Peng Li, Tao Li, Maosong Sun and Yang Liu

Towards Higher Pareto Frontier in Multilingual Machine Translation
yichong huang, Xiaocheng Feng, Xinwei Geng, Baohang Li and Bing Qin

MVP-Tuning: Multi-View Knowledge Retrieval with Prompt Tuning for Commonsense Reasoning
Yongfeng Huang, Yanyang Li, Yichong Xu, Lin Zhang, ruyi gan, Jiaxing Zhang and Liwei Wang

RED<sup>FM</sup>: a Filtered and Multilingual Relation Extraction Dataset
‪Pere-Lluís Huguet Cabot, Simone Tedeschi, Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo and Roberto Navigli

Glot500: Scaling Multilingual Corpora and Language Models to 500 Languages
Ayyoob ImaniGooghari, Peiqin Lin, Amir Hossein Kargaran, Silvia Severini, Masoud Jalili Sabet, Nora Kassner, Chunlan Ma, Helmut Schmid, André Martins, François Yvon and Hinrich Schütze

UnitY: Two-pass Direct Speech-to-speech Translation with Discrete Units
Hirofumi Inaguma, Sravya Popuri, Ilia Kulikov, Peng-Jen Chen, Changhan Wang, Yu-An Chung, Yun Tang, Ann Lee, Shinji Watanabe and Juan Pino

Byte-Level Grammatical Error Correction Using Synthetic and Curated Corpora
Svanhvít Lilja Ingólfsdóttir, Petur Ragnarsson, Haukur Jónsson, Haukur Simonarson, Vilhjalmur Thorsteinsson and Vésteinn Snæbjarnarson

DARE: Towards Robust Text Explanations in Biomedical and Healthcare Applications
Adam Ivankay, Mattia Rigotti and Pascal Frossard

HINT: Hypernetwork Instruction Tuning for Efficient Zero- and Few-Shot Generalisation
Hamish Ivison, Akshita Bhagia, Yizhong Wang, Hannaneh Hajishirzi and Matthew Peters

ContraCLM: Contrastive Learning For Causal Language Model
Nihal Jain, Dejiao Zhang, Wasi Uddin Ahmad, Zijian Wang, Feng Nan, Xiaopeng Li, Ming Tan, Ramesh Nallapati, Baishakhi Ray, Parminder Bhatia, Xiaofei Ma and Bing Xiang

Knowledge Unlearning for Mitigating Privacy Risks in Language Models
Joel Jang, Dongkeun Yoon, Sohee Yang, Sungmin Cha, Moontae Lee, Lajanugen Logeswaran and Minjoon Seo

SeeGULL: A Stereotype Benchmark with Broad Geo-Cultural Coverage Leveraging Generative Models
Akshita Jha, Aida Mostafazadeh Davani, Chandan K Reddy, Shachi Dave, Vinodkumar Prabhakaran and Sunipa Dev

Hierarchical Verbalizer for Few-Shot Hierarchical Text Classification
Ke Ji, Yixin Lian, Jingsheng Gao and Baoyuan Wang

In-sample Curriculum Learning by Sequence Completion for Natural Language Generation
Qi Jia, Yizhu Liu, Haifeng Tang and Kenny Zhu

Modeling Instance Interactions for Joint Information Extraction with Neural High-Order Conditional Random Field
Zixia Jia, Zhaohui Yan, Wenjuan Han, Zilong Zheng and Kewei Tu

Vision Language Pre-training by Contrastive Learning with Cross-Modal Similarity Regulation
Chaoya Jiang, Wei Ye, Haiyang Xu, Songfang Huang, Fei Huang and Shikun Zhang

Recall, Expand, and Multi-Candidate Cross-Encode: Fast and Accurate Ultra-Fine Entity Typing
Chengyue Jiang, Wenyang Hui, Yong Jiang, Xiaobin Wang, Pengjun Xie and Kewei Tu

LLM-Blender: Ensembling Large Language Models with Pairwise Ranking and Generative Fusion
Dongfu Jiang, Xiang Ren and Bill Yuchen Lin

A Cognitive Stimulation Dialogue System with Multi-source Knowledge Fusion for Elders with Cognitive Impairment
Jiyue Jiang, Sheng Wang, Qintong Li, Lingpeng Kong and Chuan Wu

Pruning Pre-trained Language Models Without Fine-Tuning
Ting Jiang, deqing wang, Fuzhen Zhuang, Ruobing Xie and Feng Xia

Discourse-Centric Evaluation of Document-level Machine Translation with a New Densely Annotated Parallel Corpus of Novels
Yuchen Eleanor Jiang, Tianyu Liu, Shuming Ma, Dongdong Zhang, Mrinmaya Sachan and Ryan Cotterell

Improving Domain Generalization for Prompt-Aware Essay Scoring via Disentangled Representation Learning
Zhiwei Jiang, Tianyi Gao, Yafeng Yin, Meng Liu, Hua Yu, Zifeng Cheng and Qing Gu

Patton: Language Model Pretraining on Text-Rich Networks
Bowen Jin, Wentao Zhang, Yu Zhang, Yu Meng, Xinyang Zhang, Qi Zhu and Jiawei Han

DarkBERT: A Language Model for the Dark Side of the Internet
Youngjin Jin, Eugene Jang, Jian Cui, Jin-Woo Chung, Yongjae Lee and Seungwon Shin

Multi-source Semantic Graph-based Multimodal Sarcasm Explanation Generation
Liqiang Jing, Xuemeng Song, Kun Ouyang, Mengzhao Jia and Liqiang Nie

MS-DETR: Natural Language Video Localization with Sampling Moment-Moment Interaction
Wang Jing, Aixin Sun, Hao Zhang and Xiaoli Li

Breeding Machine Translations: Evolutionary approach to survive and thrive in the world of automated evaluation
Josef Jon and Ondřej Bojar

U-CREAT: Unsupervised Case Retrieval using Events extrAcTion
Abhinav Joshi, Akshat Sharma, Sai Kiran Tanikella and Ashutosh Modi

Are Machine Rationales (Not) Useful to Humans? Measuring and Improving Human Utility of Free-text Rationales
Brihi Joshi, Ziyi Liu, Sahana Ramnath, Aaron Chan, Zhewei Tong, Shaoliang Nie, Qifan Wang, Yejin Choi and Xiang Ren

ArgAnalysis35K : A large-scale dataset for Argument Quality Analysis
Omkar Joshi, Priya Pitre and Yashodhara Haribhakta

A Compare-and-contrast Multistage Pipeline for Uncovering Financial Signals in Financial Reports
Jia-Huei Ju, Yu-Shiang Huang, Cheng-Wei Lin, Che Lin and Chuan-Ju Wang

Node Placement in Argument Maps: Modeling Unidirectional Relations in High & Low-Resource Scenarios
Iman Jundi, Neele Falk, Eva Maria Vecchi and Gabriella Lapesa

Your spouse needs professional help: Determining the Contextual Appropriateness of Messages through Modeling Social Relationships
David Jurgens, Agrima Seth, Jackson Sargent, Athena Aghighi and Michael Geraci

Evaluating Open-Domain Question Answering in the Era of Large Language Models
Ehsan Kamalloo, Nouha Dziri, Charles Clarke and Davood Rafiei

Distill or Annotate? Cost-Efficient Fine-Tuning of Compact Models
Junmo Kang, Wei Xu and Alan Ritter

LAMBADA: Backward Chaining for Automated Reasoning in Natural Language
Mehran Kazemi, Najoung Kim, Deepti Bhatia, Xin Xu and Deepak Ramachandran

DecompEval: Evaluating Generated Texts as Unsupervised Decomposed Question Answering
Pei Ke, Fei Huang, Fei Mi, Yasheng Wang, Qun Liu, Xiaoyan Zhu and Minlie Huang

Few-shot Reranking for Multi-hop QA via Language Model Prompting
Muhammad Khalifa, Lajanugen Logeswaran, Moontae Lee, Honglak Lee and Lu Wang

A Cautious Generalization Goes a Long Way: Learning Morphophonological Rules
Salam Khalifa, Sarah Payne, Jordan Kodner, Ellen Broselow and Owen Rambow

ExplainMeetSum: A Dataset for Explainable Meeting Summarization Aligned with Human Intent
Hyun Kim, Minsoo Cho and Seung-Hoon Na

Automatic Creation of Named Entity Recognition Datasets by Querying Phrase Representations
Hyunjae Kim, jaehyo yoo, Seunghyun Yoon and Jaewoo Kang

infoVerse: A Universal Framework for Dataset Characterization with Multidimensional Meta-information
Jaehyung Kim, Yekyung Kim, Karin de Langis, Jinwoo Shin and Dongyeop Kang

FactKG: Fact Verification via Reasoning on Knowledge Graphs
Jiho Kim, Sungjin Park, Yeonsu Kwon, Yohan Jo, James Thorne and Edward Choi

(QA)^2: Question Answering with Questionable Assumptions
Najoung Kim, Phu Mon Htut, Samuel R. Bowman and Jackson Petty

Entity Tracking in Language Models
Najoung Kim and Sebastian Schuster

Clinical Note Owns its Hierarchy: Multi-Level Hypergraph Neural Networks for Patient-Level Representation Learning
Nayeon Kim, Yinhua Piao and Sun Kim

miCSE: Mutual Information Contrastive Learning for Low-shot Sentence Embeddings
Tassilo Klein and Moin Nabi

PairSpanBERT: An Enhanced Language Model for Bridging Resolution
Hideo Kobayashi, Yufang Hou and Vincent Ng

Morphological Inflection: A Reality Check
Jordan Kodner, Sarah Payne, Salam Khalifa and Zoey Liu

Memory-efficient NLLB-200: Language-specific Expert Pruning of a Massively Multilingual Machine Translation Model
Yeskendir Koishekenov, Alexandre Berard and Vassilina Nikoulina

PromptRank: Unsupervised Keyphrase Extraction Using Prompt
Aobo Kong, Shiwan Zhao, Hao Chen, Qicheng Li, Yong Qin, Ruiqi Sun and Xiaoyan Bai

Improving the robustness of NLI models with minimax training
Michalis Korakakis and Andreas Vlachos

DITTO: Data-efficient and Fair Targeted Subset Selection for ASR Accent Adaptation
Suraj Kothawade, Anmol Mekala, D.Chandra Sekhara Hetha Havya, Mayank Kothyari, Rishabh Iyer, Ganesh Ramakrishnan and Preethi Jyothi

Downstream Datasets Make Surprisingly Good Pretraining Corpora
Kundan Krishna, Saurabh Garg, Jeffrey Bigham and Zachary Lipton

Multi-Row, Multi-Span Distant Supervision For Table+Text Question Answering
Vishwajeet Kumar, Yash Gupta, Saneem Chemmengath, Jaydeep Sen, Soumen Chakrabarti, Samarth Bharadwaj and Feifei Pan

An Inclusive Notion of Text
Ilia Kuznetsov and Iryna Gurevych

Language Detoxification with Attribute-Discriminative Latent Space
Jin Myung Kwak, Minseon Kim and Sung Ju Hwang

Vision Meets Definitions: Unsupervised Visual Word Sense Disambiguation Incorporating Gloss Information
Sunjae Kwon, Rishabh Garodia, Minhwa Lee, Zhichao Yang and hong yu

SWiPE: A Dataset for Document-Level Simplification of Wikipedia Pages
Philippe Laban, Jesse Vig, Wojciech Kryscinski, Shafiq Joty, Caiming Xiong and Chien-Sheng Wu

DrBERT: A Robust Pre-trained Model in French for Biomedical and Clinical domains
Yanis Labrak, Adrien Bazoge, Richard Dufour, Mickael Rouvier, Emmanuel Morin, Béatrice Daille and Pierre-Antoine Gourraud

Contrastive Error Attribution for Finetuned Language Models
Faisal Ladhak, Esin Durmus and Tatsunori Hashimoto

Exploring Better Text Image Translation with Multimodal Codebook
Zhibin Lan, Jiawei Yu, Xiang Li, Wen Zhang, Jian Luan, Bin Wang, Degen Huang and Jinsong Su

What about "em"? How Commercial Machine Translation Fails to Handle (Neo-)Pronouns
Anne Lauscher, Debora Nozza, Ehm Miltersen, Archie Crowley and Dirk Hovy

Improved Instruction Ordering in Recipe-Grounded Conversation
Duong Le, Ruohao Guo, Wei Xu and Alan Ritter

FormNetV2: Multimodal Graph Contrastive Learning for Form Document Information Extraction
Chen-Yu Lee, Chun-Liang Li, Hao Zhang, Timothy Dozat, Vincent Perot, Guolong Su, Xiang Zhang, Kihyuk Sohn, NIKOLAY GLUSHNEV, Renshen Wang, Joshua Ainslie, Shangbang Long, Siyang Qin, Yasuhisa Fujii, Nan Hua and Tomas Pfister

Query-Efficient Black-Box Red Teaming via Bayesian Optimization
Deokjae Lee, JunYeong Lee, Jung-Woo Ha, Jin-Hwa Kim, Sang-Woo Lee, Hwaran Lee and Hyun Oh Song

On Complementarity Objectives for Hybrid Retrieval
Dohyeon Lee, Seung-won Hwang, Kyungjae Lee, Seungtaek Choi and Sunghyun Park

SQuARe: A Large-Scale Dataset of Sensitive Questions and Acceptable Responses Created through Human-Machine Collaboration
Hwaran Lee, Seokhee Hong, Joonsuk Park, Takyoung Kim, Meeyoung Cha, Yejin Choi, BYOUNGPIL KIM, Gunhee Kim, Eun-Ju Lee, Yong Lim, Alice Oh, Sangchul Park and Jung-Woo Ha

Revealing Single Frame Bias for Video-and-Language Learning
Jie Lei, Tamara Berg and Mohit Bansal

TART: Improved Few-shot Text Classification Using Task-Adaptive Reference Transformation
Shuo Lei, Xuchao Zhang, Jianfeng He, Fanglan Chen and Chang-Tien Lu

BIC: Twitter Bot Detection with Text-Graph Interaction and Semantic Consistency
Zhenyu Lei, Herun Wan, Wenqian Zhang, Shangbin Feng, Zilong Chen, Jundong Li, Qinghua Zheng and Minnan Luo

Tell2Design: A Dataset for Language-Guided Floor Plan Generation
Sicong Leng, Yang Zhou, Mohammed Haroon Dupty, Wee Sun Lee, Sam Joyce and Wei Lu

Diverse Demonstrations Improve In-context Compositional Generalization
Itay Levy, Ben Bogin and Jonathan Berant

Few-Shot Data-to-Text Generation via Unified Representation and Multi-Source Learning
Alexander Hanbo Li, Mingyue Shang, Evangelia Spiliopoulou, Jie Ma, Patrick Ng, Zhiguo Wang, Bonan Min, William Yang Wang, Kathleen McKeown, Vittorio Castelli, Dan Roth and Bing Xiang

Understanding Client Reactions in Online Mental Health Counseling
Anqi Li, Lizhi Ma, Yaling Mei, Hongliang He, Shuai Zhang, Huachuan Qiu and Zhenzhong Lan

Toward Interactive Dictation
Belinda Z. Li, Jason Eisner, Adam Pauls and Sam Thomson

Python Code Generation by Asking Clarification Questions
Haau-Sing (Xiaocheng) Li, Mohsen Mesgar, André Martins and Iryna Gurevych

Do You Hear The People Sing? Key Point Analysis via Iterative Clustering and Abstractive Summarisation
Hao Li, Viktor Schlegel, Riza Batista-Navarro and Goran Nenadic

TeAST: Temporal Knowledge Graph Embedding via Archimedean Spiral Timeline
Jiang Li, Xiangdong Su and Guanglai Gao

Can Language Models Make Fun? A Case Study in Chinese Comical Crosstalk
jianquan li, XiangBo Wu, Xiaokang Liu, Qianqian Xie, Prayag Tiwari and Benyou Wang

Contextual Distortion Reveals Constituency: Masked Language Models are Implicit Parsers
Jiaxi Li and Wei Lu

Are Message Passing Neural Networks Really Helpful for Knowledge Graph Completion?
Juanhui Li, Harry Shomer, Jiayuan Ding, Yiqi Wang, Yao Ma, Neil Shah, Jiliang Tang and Dawei Yin

CATS: A Pragmatic Chinese Answer-to-Sequence Dataset with Large Scale and High Quality
Liang Li, Ruiying Geng, Chengyang Fang, Bing Li, Can Ma, Rongyu Cao, Binhua Li, Fei Huang and Yongbin Li

Text Adversarial Purification as Defense against Adversarial Attacks
Linyang Li, Demin Song and Xipeng Qiu

Symbolic Chain-of-Thought Distillation: Small Models Can Also "Think" Step-by-Step
Liunian Harold Li, Jack Hessel, Youngjae Yu, Xiang Ren, Kai-Wei Chang and Yejin Choi

Multi-modal Action Chain Abductive Reasoning
Mengze Li, Tianbao Wang, Jiahe Xu, Kairong Han, Shengyu Zhang, Zhou Zhao, Jiaxu Miao, wenqiao zhang, Shiliang Pu and Fei Wu

CITADEL: Conditional Token Interaction via Dynamic Lexical Routing for Efficient and Effective Multi-Vector Retrieval
Minghan Li, Sheng-Chieh Lin, Barlas Oguz, Asish Ghoshal, Jimmy Lin, Yashar Mehdad, Wen-tau Yih and Xilun Chen

CodeIE: Large Code Generation Models are Better Few-Shot Information Extractors
Peng Li, Tianxiang Sun, Qiong Tang, Hang Yan, Yuanbin Wu, Xuanjing Huang and Xipeng Qiu

To Copy Rather Than Memorize: A Vertical Learning Paradigm for Knowledge Graph Completion
Rui Li, Xu Chen, Chaozhuo Li, Yanming Shen, Jianan Zhao, Yujing Wang, Weihao Han, Hao Sun, Weiwei Deng, Qi Zhang and Xing Xie

Open-Domain Hierarchical Event Schema Induction by Incremental Prompting and Verification
Sha Li, Ruining Zhao, Manling Li, Heng Ji, Chris Callison-Burch and Jiawei Han

Sequence Parallelism: Long Sequence Training from System Perspective
Shenggui Li, Fuzhao Xue, Chaitanya Baranwal, Yongbin Li and Yang You

Few-shot In-context Learning on Knowledge Base Question Answering
Tianle Li, Xueguang Ma, Alex Zhuang, Yu Gu, Yu Su and Wenhu Chen

TREA: Tree-Structure Reasoning Schema for Conversational Recommendation
Wendi Li, Wei Wei, Xiaoye Qu, Xian-Ling Mao, Ye Yuan, Wenfeng Xie and Dangyang Chen

Contrastive Decoding: Open-ended Text Generation as Optimization
Xiang Lisa Li, Ari Holtzman, Daniel Fried, Percy Liang, Jason Eisner, Tatsunori Hashimoto, Luke Zettlemoyer and Mike Lewis

Unified Demonstration Retriever for In-Context Learning
Xiaonan Li, Kai Lv, Hang Yan, Tianyang Lin, Wei Zhu, Yuan Ni, GUOTONG XIE, Xiaoling Wang and Xipeng Qiu

Explicit Syntactic Guidance for Neural Text Generation
Yafu Li, Leyang Cui, Jianhao Yan, Yongjing Yin, Wei Bi, Shuming Shi and Yue Zhang

AtTGen: Attribute Tree Generation for Real-World Attribute Joint Extraction
Yanzeng Li, Bingcong Xue, Ruoyu Zhang and Lei Zou

Multi-target Backdoor Attacks for Code Pre-trained Models
Yanzhou Li, Shangqing Liu, Kangjie Chen, Xiaofei Xie, Tianwei Zhang and Yang Liu

Translation-Enhanced Multilingual Text-to-Image Generation
Yaoyiran Li, Ching-Yun Chang, Stephen Rawls, Ivan Vulić and Anna Korhonen

Making Language Models Better Reasoners with Step-Aware Verifier
Yifei Li, Zeqi Lin, Shizhuo Zhang, Qiang Fu, Bei Chen, Jian-Guang LOU and Weizhu Chen

TemplateGEC: Improving Grammatical Error Correction with Detection Template
Yinghao Li, Xuebo Liu, Shuo Wang, Peiyuan Gong, Derek F. Wong, Yang Gao, Heyan Huang and Min Zhang

Prompt Tuning Pushes Farther, Contrastive Learning Pulls Closer: A Two-Stage Approach to Mitigate Social Biases
Yingji Li, Mengnan Du, Xin Wang and Ying Wang

A New Direction in Stance Detection: Target-Stance Extraction in the Wild
Yingjie Li, Krishna Garg and Cornelia Caragea

Pre-training Multi-party Dialogue Models with Latent Discourse Inference
Yiyang Li, Xinting Huang, Wei Bi and Hai Zhao

EM Pre-training for Multi-party Dialogue Response Generation
Yiyang Li and Hai Zhao

Multiview Identifiers Enhanced Generative Retrieval
Yongqi Li, Nan Yang, Liang Wang, Furu Wei and Wenjie Li

DIONYSUS: A Pre-trained Model for Low-Resource Dialogue Summarization
Yu Li, Baolin Peng, Pengcheng He, Michel Galley, Zhou Yu and Jianfeng Gao

White-Box Multi-Objective Adversarial Attack on Dialogue Generation
Yufei Li, Zexin Li, Yingfan Gao and Cong Liu

PaCE: Unified Multi-modal Dialogue Pre-training with Progressive and Compositional Experts
Yunshui Li, Binyuan Hui, ZhiChao Yin, Min Yang, Fei Huang and Yongbin Li

A Neural Divide-and-Conquer Reasoning Framework for Image Retrieval from Linguistically Complex Text
Yunxin Li, Baotian Hu, Yuxin Ding, Lin Ma and Min Zhang

A Multi-Modal Context Reasoning Approach for Conditional Inference on Joint Textual and Visual Clues
Yunxin Li, Baotian Hu, Chen Xinyu, Yuxin Ding, Lin Ma and Min Zhang

Unifying Cross-Lingual and Cross-Modal Modeling Towards Weakly Supervised Multilingual Vision-Language Pre-training
Zejun Li, Zhihao Fan, Jingjing Chen, Qi Zhang, Xuanjing Huang and Zhongyu Wei

Learning to Substitute Spans towards Improving Compositional Generalization
Zhaoyi Li, Ying Wei and Defu Lian

FAA: Fine-grained Attention Alignment for Cascade Document Ranking
Zhen Li, Chongyang Tao, Jiazhan Feng, Tao Shen, Dongyan Zhao, Xiubo Geng and Daxin Jiang

The Best of Both Worlds: Combining Human and Machine Translations for Multilingual Semantic Parsing with Active Learning
Zhuang Li, Lizhen Qu, Philip Cohen, Raj Tumuluri and Gholamreza Haffari

Dual-Alignment Pre-training for Cross-lingual Sentence Embedding
Ziheng Li, Shaohan Huang, Zihan Zhang, Zhi-Hong Deng, Qiang Lou, Haizhen Huang, Jian Jiao, Furu Wei, Weiwei Deng and Qi Zhang

Dynamic and Efficient Inference for Text Generation via BERT Family
Xiaobo Liang, Juntao Li, Lijun Wu, Ziqiang Cao and Min Zhang

Open-ended Long Text Generation via Masked Language Modeling
Xiaobo Liang, Zecheng Tang, Juntao Li and Min Zhang

Summary-Oriented Vision Modeling for Multimodal Abstractive Summarization
Yunlong Liang, Fandong Meng, Jinan Xu, Jiaan Wang, Yufeng Chen and Jie Zhou

Disentangled Phonetic Representation for Chinese Spelling Correction
Zihong Liang, Xiaojun Quan and Qifan Wang

Graph-based Relation Mining for Context-free Out-of-vocabulary Word Embedding Learning
Ziran Liang, Yuyin Lu, HeGang Chen and Yanghui Rao

Prompts Can Play Lottery Tickets Well: Achieving Lifelong Information Extraction via Lottery Prompt Tuning
Zujie Liang, feng wei, Yin Jie, YUXI QIAN, Zhenghong Hao and Bing Han

Parameter-Efficient Fine-Tuning without Introducing New Latency
Baohao Liao, Yan Meng and Christof Monz

Large-Scale Correlation Analysis of Automated Metrics for Topic Models
Jia Peng Lim and Hady Lauw

Gloss-Free End-to-End Sign Language Translation
Kezhou Lin, Xiaohan Wang, Linchao Zhu, Ke Sun, bang zhang and Yi Yang

TECHS: Temporal Logical Graph Networks for Explainable Extrapolation Reasoning
Qika Lin, Jun Liu, Rui Mao, Fangzhi Xu and Erik Cambria

TAVT: Towards Transferable Audio-Visual Text Generation
Wang Lin, Tao Jin, Wenwen Pan, Linjun Li, Xize Cheng, Ye Wang and Zhou Zhao

An Inner Table Retriever for Robust Table Question Answering
Weizhe Lin, Rexhina Blloshmi, Bill Byrne, Adria de Gispert and Gonzalo Iglesias

Compositional Generalization without Trees using Multiset Tagging and Latent Permutations
Matthias Lindemann, Alexander Koller and Ivan Titov

What does a Text Classifier Learn about Morality? An Explainable Method for Cross-Domain Comparison of Moral Rhetoric
Enrico Liscio, Oscar Araque, Lorenzo Gatti, Ionut Constantinescu, Catholijn Jonker, Kyriaki Kalimeri and Pradeep Kumar Murukannaiah

DimonGen: Diversified Generative Commonsense Reasoning for Explaining Concept Relationships
Chenzhengyi Liu, Jie Huang, Kerui Zhu and Kevin Chen-Chuan Chang

MatCha: Enhancing Visual Language Pretraining with Math Reasoning and Chart Derendering
Fangyu Liu, Francesco Piccinno, Syrine Krichene, Chenxi Pang, Kenton Lee, Mandar Joshi, Yasemin Altun, Nigel Collier and Julian Eisenschlos

Learning with Partial Annotations for Event Detection
Jian Liu, Dianbo Sui, Kang Liu, Haoyan Liu and Zhe Zhao

Document-Level Event Argument Extraction With a Chain Reasoning Paradigm
Jian Liu, Chen Liang, Jinan Xu, Haoyan Liu and Zhe Zhao

RankCSE: Unsupervised Sentence Representations Learning via Learning to Rank
Jiduan Liu, Jiahao Liu, Qifan Wang, Jingang Wang, Wei Wu, Yunsen Xian, Dongyan Zhao, Kai Chen and Rui Yan

Towards Robust Low-Resource Fine-Tuning with Multi-View Compressed Representations
Linlin Liu, Xingxuan Li, Megh Thakkar, Xin Li, Shafiq Joty, Luo Si and Lidong Bing

Do Question Answering Modeling Improvements Hold Across Benchmarks?
Nelson F. Liu, Tony Lee, Robin Jia and Percy Liang

Character-Aware Models Improve Visual Text Rendering
Rosanne Liu, Dan Garrette, Chitwan Saharia, William Chan, Adam Roberts, Sharan Narang, Irina Blok, RJ Mical, Mohammad Norouzi and Noah Constant

RECAP: Retrieval-Enhanced Context-Aware Prefix Encoder for Personalized Dialogue Response Generation
Shuai Liu, Hyundong Cho, Marjorie Freedman, Xuezhe Ma and Jonathan May

kNN-TL: k-Nearest-Neighbor Transfer Learning for Low-Resource Neural Machine Translation
Shudong Liu, Xuebo Liu, Derek F. Wong, Zhaocong Li, Wenxiang Jiao, Lidia S. Chao and Min Zhang

Do CoNLL-2003 Named Entity Taggers Still Work Well in 2023?
Shuheng Liu and Alan Ritter

Annotation-Inspired Implicit Discourse Relation Classification with Auxiliary Discourse Connective Generation
Wei Liu and Michael Strube

MGR: Multi-generator Based Rationalization
Wei Liu, Haozhao Wang, Jun Wang, Ruixuan Li, Xinyang Li, YuanKai Zhang and Yang Qiu

Modeling Structural Similarities between Documents for Coherence Assessment with Graph Convolutional Networks
Wei Liu, Xiyan Fu and Michael Strube

Revisiting Commonsense Reasoning in Machine Translation: Training, Evaluation and Challenge
Xuebo Liu, Yutong Wang, Derek F. Wong, Runzhe Zhan, Liangxuan Yu and Min Zhang

One Cannot Stand for Everyone! Leveraging Multiple User Simulators\ to train Task-oriented Dialogue Systems
Yajiao LIU, Xin Jiang, Yichun Yin, Yasheng Wang, Fei Mi, Qun Liu, Xiang Wan and Benyou Wang

Uncovering and Categorizing Social Biases in Text-to-SQL
Yan Liu, Yan Gao, Zhe Su, Xiaokang Chen, Elliott Ash and Jian-Guang LOU

Towards Better Entity Linking with Multi-View Enhanced Distillation
Yi Liu, Yuan Tian, Jianxun Lian, xinlong wang, Yanan Cao, Fang Fang, Wen Zhang, Haizhen Huang, Weiwei Deng and Qi Zhang

A Crosslingual Investigation of Conceptualization in 1335 Languages
Yihong Liu, Haotian Ye, Leonie Weissweiler, Philipp Wicke, Renhao Pei, Robert Zangenfeind and Hinrich Schütze

Revisiting the Gold Standard: Grounding Summarization Evaluation with Robust Human Evaluation
Yixin Liu, Alex Fabbri, Pengfei Liu, Yilun Zhao, Linyong Nan, Ruilin Han, Simeng Han, Shafiq Joty, Chien-Sheng Wu, Caiming Xiong and Dragomir Radev

On Improving Summarization Factual Consistency from Natural Language Feedback
Yixin Liu, Budhaditya Deb, Milagro Teruel, Aaron Halfaker, Dragomir Radev and Ahmed Hassan Awadallah

PVGRU: Generating Diverse and Relevant Dialogue Responses via Pseudo-Variational Mechanism
Yongkang Liu, Shi Feng, Daling Wang, Yifei Zhang and Hinrich Schütze

Binary and Ternary Natural Language Generation
Zechun Liu, Barlas Oguz, Aasish Pappu, Yangyang Shi and Raghuraman Krishnamoorthi

XDailyDialog: A Multilingual Parallel Dialogue Corpus
Zeming Liu, Ping Nie, Jie Cai, Haifeng Wang, Zheng-Yu Niu, PENG ZHANG, Mrinmaya Sachan and Kaiping Peng

RetroMAE-2: Duplex Masked Auto-Encoder For Pre-Training Retrieval-Oriented Language Models
Zheng Liu, Shitao Xiao, Yingxia Shao and Zhao Cao

Guiding Computational Stance Detection with Expanded Stance Triangle Framework
Zhengyuan Liu, Yong Keong Yap, Hai Leong Chieu and Nancy Chen

Towards Boosting the Open-Domain Chatbot with Human Feedback
Hua Lu, Siqi Bao, Huang He, Fan Wang, Hua Wu and Haifeng Wang

What Makes Pre-trained Language Models Better Zero-shot Learners?
Jinghui Lu, dongsheng zhu, weidong Han, Rui Zhao, Brian Mac Namee and Fei Tan

Facilitating Fine-grained Detection of Chinese Toxic Language: Hierarchical Taxonomy, Resources, and Benchmarks
Junyu Lu, Bo Xu, Xiaokun Zhang, Changrong Min, Liang Yang and Hongfei LIN

DaMSTF: Domain Adversarial Learning Enhanced Meta Self-Training for Domain Adaptation
Menglong Lu, Zhen Huang, Yunxiang Zhao, Zhiliang Tian, Yang Liu and Dongsheng Li

Distantly Supervised Course Concept Extraction in MOOCs with Academic Discipline
Mengying Lu, Yuquan Wang, Jifan Yu, Yexing Du, Lei Hou and Juanzi Li

A Survey of Deep Learning for Mathematical Reasoning
Pan Lu, Liang Qiu, Wenhao Yu, Sean Welleck and Kai-Wei Chang

Toward Human-Like Evaluation for Natural Language Generation with Error Analysis
Qingyu Lu, Liang Ding, Liping Xie, Kanjian Zhang, Derek F. Wong and Dacheng Tao

Explanation-based Finetuning Makes Models More Robust to Spurious Cues
Josh Magnus Ludan, Yixuan Meng, Tai Nguyen, Saurabh Shah, Qing Lyu, Marianna Apidianaki and Chris Callison-Burch

Causality-Guided Multi-Memory Interaction Network for Multivariate Stock Price Movement Prediction
Di Luo, Weiheng Liao, Shuqi Li, Xin Cheng and Rui Yan

HAHE: Hierarchical Attention for Hyper-Relational Knowledge Graphs in Global and Local Level
Haoran Luo, Haihong E, Yuhao Yang, Yikai Guo, Mingzhi Sun, Tianyu Yao, Zichen Tang, Kaiyang Wan, Meina Song and Wei Lin

End-to-end Knowledge Retrieval with Multi-modal Queries
Man Luo, Zhiyuan Fang, Tejas Gokhale, Yezhou Yang and Chitta Baral

CAME: Confidence-guided Adaptive Memory Efficient Optimization
Yang Luo, Xiaozhe REN, Zangwei Zheng, ZHUO JIANG, Xin Jiang and Yang You

DialoGPS: Dialogue Path Sampling in Continuous Semantic Space for Data Augmentation in Multi-Turn Conversations
Ang Lv, Jinpeng Li, yuhan chen, GAO XING, Ji Zhang and Rui Yan

Envisioning Future from the Past: Hierarchical Duality Learning for Multi-Turn Dialogue Generation
Ang Lv, Jinpeng Li, Shufang Xie and Rui Yan

Z-ICL: Zero-Shot In-Context Learning with Pseudo-Demonstrations
Xinxi Lyu, Sewon Min, Iz Beltagy, Luke Zettlemoyer and Hannaneh Hajishirzi

Cross-lingual Continual Learning
Meryem M’hamdi, Xiang Ren and Jonathan May

AMR-based Network for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis
Fukun Ma, Xuming Hu, Aiwei Liu, Yawen Yang, Shuang Li, Philip S. Yu and Lijie Wen

Chain-of-Skills: A Configurable Model for Open-Domain Question Answering
Kaixin Ma, Hao Cheng, Yu Zhang, Xiaodong Liu, Eric Nyberg and Jianfeng Gao

BUMP: A Benchmark of Unfaithful Minimal Pairs for Meta-Evaluation of Faithfulness Metrics
Liang Ma, Shuyang Cao, Robert L Logan IV, Di Lu, Shihao Ran, Ke Zhang, Joel Tetreault and Alejandro Jaimes

DICE: Data-Efficient Clinical Event Extraction with Generative Models
Mingyu Derek Ma, Alexander Taylor, Wei Wang and Nanyun Peng

Learning "O" Helps for Learning More: Handling the Unlabeled Entity Problem for Class-incremental NER
Ruotian Ma, xuanting chen, zhang lin, Xin Zhou, Junzhe Wang, Tao Gui, Qi Zhang, Xiang Gao and Yun Wen Chen

CoLaDa: A Collaborative Label Denoising Framework for Cross-lingual Named Entity Recognition
Tingting Ma, Qianhui Wu, Huiqiang Jiang, Börje Karlsson, Tiejun Zhao and Chin-Yew Lin

Few-shot Event Detection: An Empirical Study and a Unified View
Yubo Ma, Zehao Wang, Yixin Cao and Aixin Sun

World-to-Words: Grounded Open Vocabulary Acquisition through Fast Mapping in Vision-Language Models
Ziqiao Ma, Jiayi Pan and Joyce Chai

Training Models to Generate, Recognize, and Reframe Unhelpful Thoughts
Mounica Maddela, Megan Ung, Jing Xu, Andrea Madotto, Heather Foran and Y-Lan Boureau

LENS: A Learnable Evaluation Metric for Text Simplification
Mounica Maddela, Yao Dou, David Heineman and Wei Xu

Ethical Considerations for Machine Translation of Indigenous Languages: Giving a Voice to the Speakers
Manuel Mager, Elisabeth Mager, Katharina Kann and Ngoc Thang Vu

HyperMixer: An MLP-based Low Cost Alternative to Transformers
Florian Mai, Arnaud Pannatier, Fabio Fehr, Haolin Chen, Francois Marelli, Francois Fleuret and James Henderson

Small Data, Big Impact: Leveraging Minimal Data for Effective Machine Translation
Jean Maillard, Cynthia Gao, Elahe Kalbassi, Kaushik Ram Sadagopan, Vedanuj Goswami, Philipp Koehn, Angela Fan and Francisco Guzman

QUEST: A Retrieval Dataset of Entity-Seeking Queries with Implicit Set Operations
Chaitanya Malaviya, Peter Shaw, Ming-Wei Chang, Kenton Lee and Kristina Toutanova

When Not to Trust Language Models: Investigating Effectiveness of Parametric and Non-Parametric Memories
Alex Mallen, Akari Asai, Victor Zhong, Rajarshi Das, Daniel Khashabi and Hannaneh Hajishirzi

Benchmarking Large Language Model Capabilities for Conditional Generation
Joshua Maynez, Priyanka Agrawal and Sebastian Gehrmann

Logic-driven Indirect Supervision: An Application to Crisis Counseling
Mattia Medina Grespan, Meghan Broadbent, Xinyao Zhang, Katherine Axford, Brent Kious, Zac Imel and Vivek Srikumar

Resolving Ambiguities in Text-to-Image Generative Models
Ninareh Mehrabi, Palash Goyal, Apurv Verma, Jwala Dhamala, Varun Kumar, Qian Hu, Kai-Wei Chang, Richard Zemel, Aram Galstyan and Rahul Gupta

NOTABLE: Transferable Backdoor Attacks Against Prompt-based NLP Models
Kai Mei, Zheng Li, Zhenting Wang, Yang Zhang and Shiqing Ma

On the Efficacy of Sampling Adapters
Clara Meister, Tiago Pimentel, Luca Malagutti, Ethan Wilcox and Ryan Cotterell

From Dogwhistles to Bullhorns: Unveiling Coded Rhetoric with Language Models
Julia Mendelsohn, Ronan Le Bras, Yejin Choi and Maarten Sap

Human-in-the-loop Evaluation for Early Misinformation Detection: A Case Study of COVID-19 Treatments
Ethan Mendes, Yang Chen, Wei Xu and Alan Ritter

Naamapadam: A Large-Scale Named Entity Annotated Data for Indic Languages
Arnav Mhaske, Harshit Kedia, Sumanth Doddapaneni, Mitesh M. Khapra, Pratyush Kumar, Rudra Murthy and Anoop Kunchukuttan

What Do NLP Researchers Believe? Results of the NLP Community Metasurvey
Julian Michael, Ari Holtzman, Alicia Parrish, Aaron Mueller, Alex Wang, Angelica Chen, Divyam Madaan, Nikita Nangia, Richard Yuanzhe Pang, Jason Phang and Samuel R. Bowman

LAIT: Efficient Multi-Segment Encoding in Transformers with Layer-Adjustable Interaction
Jeremiah Milbauer, Annie Louis, Mohammad Javad Hosseini, Alex Fabrikant, Donald Metzler and Tal Schuster

Just Like a Human Would, Direct Access to Sarcasm Augmented with Potential Result and Reaction
Changrong Min, Ximing Li, Liang Yang, Zhilin Wang, Bo Xu and Hongfei LIN

Where’s the Point? Self-Supervised Multilingual Punctuation-Agnostic Sentence Segmentation
Benjamin Minixhofer, Jonas Pfeiffer and Ivan Vulić

Privacy-Preserving Domain Adaptation of Semantic Parsers
Fatemehsadat Mireshghallah, Yu Su, Tatsunori Hashimoto, Jason Eisner and Richard Shin

What is the Real Intention behind this Question? Dataset Collection and Intention Classification
Maryam Sadat Mirzaei, Kourosh Meshgi and Satoshi Sekine

PAL to Lend a Helping Hand: Towards Building an Emotion Adaptive Polite and Empathetic Counseling Conversational Agent
Kshitij Mishra, Priyanshu Priya and Asif Ekbal

ConvGQR: Generative Query Reformulation for Conversational Search
Fengran Mo, Kelong Mao, Yutao Zhu, Yihong Wu, Kaiyu Huang and Jian-Yun Nie

DecompX: Explaining Transformers Decisions by Propagating Token Decomposition
Ali Modarressi, Mohsen Fayyaz, Ehsan Aghazadeh, Yadollah Yaghoobzadeh and Mohammad Taher Pilehvar

Extrinsic Evaluation of Machine Translation Metrics
Nikita Moghe, Tom Sherborne, Mark Steedman and Alexandra Birch

Large-scale Lifelong Learning of In-context Instructions and How to Tackle It
Jisoo Mok, Jaeyoung Do, Sungjin Lee, Tara Taghavi, Seunghak Yu and Sungroh Yoon

Dynamic Regularization in UDA for Transformers in Multimodal Classification
Ivonne Monter-Aldana, Adrian Pastor Lopez Monroy and Fernando Sanchez-Vega

Randomized Smoothing with Masked Inference for Adversarially Robust Text Classifications
Han Cheol Moon, Shafiq Joty, Ruochen Zhao, Megh Thakkar and Chi Xu

UPPAM: A Unified Pre-training Architecture for Political Actor Modeling based on Language
Xinyi Mou, Zhongyu Wei, Qi Zhang and Xuanjing Huang

Decoupling Pseudo Label Disambiguation and Representation Learning for Generalized Intent Discovery
Yutao Mou, Xiaoshuai Song, Keqing He, Chen Zeng, Pei Wang, Jingang Wang, Yunsen Xian and Weiran Xu

How to Plant Trees in Language Models: Data and Architectural Effects on the Emergence of Syntactic Inductive Biases
Aaron Mueller and Tal Linzen

Crosslingual Generalization through Multitask Finetuning
Niklas Muennighoff, Thomas Wang, Lintang Sutawika, Adam Roberts, Stella Biderman, Teven Le Scao, M Saiful Bari, Sheng Shen, Zheng Xin Yong, Hailey Schoelkopf, Xiangru Tang, Dragomir Radev, Alham Fikri Aji, KHALID ALMUBARAK, Samuel Albanie, Zaid Alyafeai, Albert Webson, Edward Raff and Colin Raffel

DIP: Dead code Insertion based Black-box Attack for Programming Language Model
CheolWon Na, YunSeok Choi and Jee-Hyong Lee

Efficient Transformers with Dynamic Token Pooling
Piotr Nawrot, Jan Chorowski, Adrian Lancucki and Edoardo Maria Ponti

DisentQA: Disentangling Parametric and Contextual Knowledge with Counterfactual Question Answering
Ella Neeman, Roee Aharoni, Or Honovich, Leshem Choshen, Idan Szpektor and Omri Abend

When Does Aggregating Multiple Skills with Multi-Task Learning Work? A Case Study in Financial NLP
Jingwei Ni, Zhijing Jin, QIAN WANG, Mrinmaya Sachan and Markus Leippold

Finding the Pillars of Strength for Multi-Head Attention
Jinjie Ni, Rui Mao, Zonglin Yang, Han Lei and Erik Cambria

NLG Evaluation Metrics Beyond Correlation Analysis: An Empirical Metric Preference Checklist
Iftitahu Nimah, Meng Fang, Vlado Menkovski and Mykola Pechenizkiy

OD-RTE: A One-Stage Object Detection Framework for Relational Triple Extraction
Jinzhong Ning, Zhihao Yang, Yuanyuan Sun, Zhizheng Wang and Hongfei LIN

On "Scientific Debt" in NLP: A Case for More Rigour in Language Model Pre-Training Research
Made Nindyatama Nityasya, Haryo Wibowo, Alham Fikri Aji, Genta Winata, Radityo Eko Prasojo, Phil Blunsom and Adhiguna Kuncoro

Using counterfactual contrast to improve compositional generalization for multi-step quantitative reasoning
Armineh Nourbakhsh, Sameena Shah and Carolyn Rosé

Token-wise Decomposition of Autoregressive Language Model Hidden States for Analyzing Model Predictions
Byung-Doh Oh and William Schuler

Social-Group-Agnostic Bias Mitigation via the Stereotype Content Model
Ali Omrani, Alireza Salkhordeh Ziabari, Charles Yu, Preni Golazizian, Brendan Kennedy, Mohammad Atari, Heng Ji and Morteza Dehghani

Can LMs Learn New Entities from Descriptions? Challenges in Propagating Injected Knowledge
Yasumasa Onoe, Michael Zhang, Shankar Padmanabhan, Greg Durrett and Eunsol Choi

Efficient Semiring-Weighted Earley Parsing
Andreas Opedal, Ran Zmigrod, Tim Vieira, Ryan Cotterell and Jason Eisner

BLIND: Bias Removal With No Demographics
Hadas Orgad and Yonatan Belinkov

A Textual Dataset for Situated Proactive Response Selection
Naoki Otani, Jun Araki, HyeongSik Kim and Eduard Hovy

Songs Across Borders: Singable and Controllable Neural Lyric Translation
Longshen Ou, Xichu Ma, Min-Yen Kan and Ye Wang

WACO: Word-Aligned Contrastive Learning for Speech Translation
Siqi Ouyang, Rong Ye and Lei Li

Compositional Data Augmentation for Abstractive Conversation Summarization
Siru Ouyang, Jiaao Chen, Jiawei Han and Diyi Yang

On Prefix-tuning for Lightweight Out-of-distribution Detection
Yawen Ouyang, Yongchang Cao, Yuan Gao, Zhen Wu, Jianbing Zhang and Xinyu Dai

ThinkSum: Probabilistic reasoning over sets using large language models
Batu Ozturkler, Nikolay Malkin, Zhen Wang and Nebojsa Jojic

Socratic Pretraining: Question-Driven Pretraining for Controllable Summarization
Artidoro Pagnoni, Alex Fabbri, Wojciech Kryscinski and Chien-Sheng Wu

MultiTabQA: Generating Tabular Answers for Multi-Table Question Answering
Vaishali Pal, Andrew Yates, Evangelos Kanoulas and Maarten de Rijke

Using Neural Machine Translation for Generating Diverse Challenging Exercises for Language Learner
Frank Palma Gomez, Subhadarshi Panda, Michael Flor and Alla Rozovskaya

Fact-Checking Complex Claims with Program-Guided Reasoning
Liangming Pan, Xiaobao Wu, Xinyuan Lu, Anh Tuan Luu, William Yang Wang, Min-Yen Kan and Preslav Nakov

Cross-modal Attention Congruence Regularization for Vision-Language Relation Alignment
Rohan Pandey, Rulin Shao, Paul Pu Liang, Ruslan Salakhutdinov and Louis-Philippe Morency

Reward Gaming in Conditional Text Generation
Richard Yuanzhe Pang, Vishakh Padmakumar, Thibault Sellam, Ankur Parikh and He He

Attention as a Guide for Simultaneous Speech Translation
Sara Papi, Matteo Negri and Marco Turchi

MM-SHAP: A Performance-agnostic Metric for Measuring Multimodal Contributions in Vision and Language Models & Tasks
Letitia Parcalabescu and Anette Frank

GENEVA: Benchmarking Generalizability for Event Argument Extraction with Hundreds of Event Types and Argument Roles
Tanmay Parekh, I-Hung Hsu, Kuan-Hao Huang, Kai-Wei Chang and Nanyun Peng

Deep Model Compression Also Helps Models Capture Ambiguity
Hancheol Park and Jong Park

Do I have the Knowledge to Answer? Investigating Answerability of Knowledge Base Questions
Mayur Patidar, Prayushi Faldu, Avinash Singh, Lovekesh Vig, Indrajit Bhattacharya and Mausam

Beyond English-Centric Bitexts for Better Multilingual Language Representation Learning
Barun Patra, Saksham Singhal, Shaohan Huang, Zewen Chi, Li Dong, Furu Wei, Vishrav Chaudhary and Xia Song

Dating Greek Papyri with Text Regression
John Pavlopoulos, Maria Konstantinidou, Isabelle Marthot-Santaniello, Holger Essler and Asimina Paparigopoulou

When to Use What: An In-Depth Comparative Empirical Analysis of OpenIE Systems for Downstream Applications
Kevin Pei, Ishan Jindal, Kevin Chen-Chuan Chang, ChengXiang Zhai and Yunyao Li

FSUIE: A Novel Fuzzy Span Mechanism for Universal Information Extraction
Tianshuo Peng, Zuchao Li, Lefei Zhang, Bo Du and Hai Zhao

Are You Copying My Model? Protecting the Copyright of Large Language Models for EaaS via Backdoor Watermark
Wenjun Peng, Jingwei Yi, Fangzhao Wu, Shangxi Wu, Bin Bin Zhu, Lingjuan Lyu, Binxing Jiao, Tong Xu, Guangzhong Sun and Xing Xie

Neural Machine Translation for Mathematical Formulae
Felix Petersen, Moritz Schubotz, Andre Greiner-Petter and Bela Gipp

Dealing with Semantic Underspecification in Multimodal NLP
Sandro Pezzelle

Towards a Common Understanding of Contributing Factors for Cross-Lingual Transfer in Multilingual Language Models: A Review
Fred Philippy, Siwen Guo and Shohreh Haddadan

UniEX: An Effective and Efficient Framework for Unified Information Extraction via a Span-extractive Perspective
yang ping, JunYu Lu, ruyi gan, Junjie Wang, Yuxiang Zhang, Pingjian Zhang and Jiaxing Zhang

Learning Language-Specific Layers for Multilingual Machine Translation
Telmo Pires, Robin M. Schmidt, Yi-Hsiu Liao and Stephan Peitz

Multilingual Multifaceted Understanding of Online News in Terms of Genre, Framing, and Persuasion Techniques
Jakub Piskorski, Nicolas Stefanovitch, Nikolaos Nikolaidis, Giovanni Da San Martino and Preslav Nakov

No clues good clues: out of context Lexical Relation Classification
Lucia Pitarch, Jordi Bernad, Lacramioara Dranca, Carlos Bobed Lisbona and Jorge Gracia

Similarity-weighted Construction of Contextualized Commonsense Knowledge Graphs for Knowledge-intense Argumentation Tasks
Moritz Plenz, Juri Opitz, Philipp Heinisch, Philipp Cimiano and Anette Frank

Concise Answers to Complex Questions: Summarization of Long-form Answers
Abhilash Potluri, Fangyuan Xu and Eunsol Choi

Reanalyzing L2 Preposition Learning with Bayesian Mixed Effects and a Pretrained Language Model
Jakob Prange and Man Ho Ivy Wong

MeetingQA: Extractive Question-Answering on Meeting Transcripts
Archiki Prasad, Trung Bui, Seunghyun Yoon, Hanieh Deilamsalehy, Franck Dernoncourt and Mohit Bansal

Using Domain Knowledge to Guide Dialog Structure Induction via Neural Probabilistic Soft Logic
Connor Pryor, Quan Yuan, Jeremiah Liu, Mehran Kazemi, Deepak Ramachandran, Tania Bedrax-Weiss and Lise Getoor

Conjunct Lengths in English, Dependency Length Minimization, and Dependency Structure of Coordination
Adam Przepiórkowski and Michał Woźniak

Incorporating Distributions of Discourse Structure for Long Document Abstractive Summarization
Dongqi Pu, Yifan Wang and Vera Demberg

ClarifyDelphi: Reinforced Clarification Questions with Defeasibility Rewards for Social and Moral Situations
Valentina Pyatkin, Jena D. Hwang, Vivek Srikumar, Ximing Lu, Liwei Jiang, Yejin Choi and Chandra Bhagavatula

Limitations of Language Models in Arithmetic and Symbolic Induction
Jing Qian, Hong Wang, Zekun Li, Shiyang Li and Xifeng Yan

UniLG: A Unified Structure-aware Framework for Lyrics Generation
Tao Qian, Fan Lou, Jiatong Shi, Yuning Wu, Shuai Guo, Xiang Yin and Qin Jin

ParaLS: Lexical Substitution via Pretrained Paraphraser
Jipeng Qiang, Kang Liu, Yun Li, Yunhao Yuan and Yi Zhu

Reasoning with Language Model Prompting: A Survey
Shuofei Qiao, Yixin Ou, Ningyu Zhang, Xiang Chen, Yunzhi Yao, Shumin Deng, Chuanqi Tan, Fei Huang and Huajun Chen

Learning to Initialize: Can Meta Learning Improve Cross-task Generalization in Prompt Tuning?
Chengwei Qin, Shafiq Joty, Qian Li and Ruochen Zhao

WebCPM: Interactive Web Search for Chinese Long-form Question Answering
Yujia Qin, Zihan Cai, Dian Jin, Lan Yan, Shihao Liang, Kunlun Zhu, Yankai Lin, Xu Han, Ning Ding, Huadong Wang, Ruobing Xie, Fanchao Qi, Zhiyuan Liu, Maosong Sun and Jie Zhou

A Survey on Asking Clarification Questions Datasets in Conversational Systems
Hossein A. Rahmani, Xi Wang, Yue Feng, Qiang Zhang, Emine Yilmaz and Aldo Lipani

What Are You Token About? Dense Retrieval as Distributions Over the Vocabulary
Ori Ram, Liat Bezalel, Adi Zicher, Yonatan Belinkov, Jonathan Berant and Amir Globerson

Single Sequence Prediction over Reasoning Graphs for Multi-hop QA
Gowtham Ramesh, Makesh Narsimhan Sreedhar and Junjie Hu

A Comparative Study on the Impact of Model Compression Techniques on Fairness in Language Models
Krithika Ramesh, Arnav Chavan, Shrey Pandit and Sunayana Sitaram

Knowledge of cultural moral norms in large language models
Aida Ramezani and Yang Xu

Cross-Modal Attribute Insertions for Assessing the Robustness of Vision-and-Language Learning
Shivaen Ramshetty, Gaurav Verma and Srijan Kumar

FACTIFY-5WQA: 5W Aspect-based Fact Verification through Question Answering
Anku Rani, S.M Towhidul Islam Tonmoy, Dwip Dalal, Shreya Gautam, Megha Chakraborty, Aman Chadha, Amit Sheth and Amitava Das

Conjunct Resolution in the Face of Verbal Omissions
Royi Rassin, Yoav Goldberg and Reut Tsarfaty

Parallel Context Windows for Large Language Models
Nir Ratner, Yoav Levine, Yonatan Belinkov, Ori Ram, Inbal Magar, Omri Abend, Ehud Karpas, Amnon Shashua, Kevin Leyton-Brown and Yoav Shoham

Linear Guardedness and its Implications
Shauli Ravfogel, Yoav Goldberg and Ryan Cotterell

TOME: A Two-stage Approach for Model-based Retrieval
Ruiyang Ren, Wayne Xin Zhao, Jing Liu, Hua Wu, Ji-Rong Wen and Haifeng Wang

Retrieve-and-Sample: Document-level Event Argument Extraction via Hybrid Retrieval Augmentation
Yubing Ren, Yanan Cao, Ping Guo, Fang Fang, Wei Ma and Zheng Lin

Tailoring Instructions to Student’s Learning Levels Boosts Knowledge Distillation
Yuxin Ren, Zihan Zhong, Xingjian Shi, Yi Zhu, Chun Yuan and Mu Li

Exploring Large Language Models for Classical Philology
Frederick Riemenschneider and Anette Frank

Factually Consistent Summarization via Reinforcement Learning with Textual Entailment Feedback
Paul Roit, Johan Ferret, Lior Shani, Roee Aharoni, Geoffrey Cideron, Robert Dadashi, Matthieu Geist, Sertan Girgin, Leonard Hussenot, Orgad Keller, Nikola Momchev, Sabela Ramos Garea, Piotr Stanczyk, Nino Vieillard, Olivier Bachem, Gal Elidan, Avinatan Hassidim, Olivier Pietquin and Idan Szpektor

Finding the SWEET Spot: Analysis and Improvement of Adaptive Inference in Low Resource Settings
Daniel Rotem, Michael Hassid, Jonathan Mamou and Roy Schwartz

Distributed Marker Representation for Ambiguous Discourse Markers and Entangled Relations
Dongyu Ru, Lin Qiu, Xipeng Qiu, Yue Zhang and Zheng Zhang

A Dataset of Argumentative Dialogues on Scientific Papers
Federico Ruggeri, Mohsen Mesgar and Iryna Gurevych

Helping a Friend or Supporting a Cause? Disentangling Active and Passive Cosponsorship in the U.S. Congress
Giuseppe Russo, Christoph Gote, Laurence Brandenberger, Sophia Johanna Schlosser and Frank Schweitzer

Revisiting non-English Text Simplification: A Unified Multilingual Benchmark
Michael Ryan, Tarek Naous and Wei Xu

ArgU: A Controllable Factual Argument Generator
Sougata Saha and Rohini Srihari

IndicMT Eval: A Dataset to Meta-Evaluate Machine Translation Metrics for Indian Languages
Ananya Sai B, Tanay Dixit, Vignesh Nagarajan, Anoop Kunchukuttan, Pratyush Kumar, Mitesh M. Khapra and Raj Dabre

Hidden Schema Networks
Ramses Sanchez, Lukas Conrads, Pascal Welke, Kostadin Cvejoski and Cesar Ojeda Marin

Accelerating Transformer Inference for Translation via Parallel Decoding
Andrea Santilli, Silvio Severino, Emilian Postolache, Valentino Maiorca, Michele Mancusi, Riccardo Marin and Emanuele Rodola

NLPositionality: Characterizing Design Biases of Datasets and Models
Sebastin Santy, Jenny Liang, Ronan Le Bras, Katharina Reinecke and Maarten Sap

APOLLO: A Simple Approach for Adaptive Pretraining of Language Models for Logical Reasoning
Soumya Sanyal, Yichong Xu, Shuohang Wang, Ziyi Yang, Reid Pryzant, Wenhao Yu, Chenguang Zhu and Xiang Ren

VendorLink: An NLP approach for Identifying & Linking Vendor Migrants & Potential Aliases on Darknet Markets
Vageesh Saxena, Nils Rethmeier, Gijs van Dijck and Gerasimos Spanakis

Multilingual Conceptual Coverage in Text-to-Image Models
Michael Saxon and William Yang Wang

Tree-Based Representation and Generation of Natural and Mathematical Language
Alexander Scarlatos and Andrew Lan

Free Lunch: Robust Cross-Lingual Transfer via Model Checkpoint Averaging
Fabian Schmidt, Ivan Vulić and Goran Glavaš

Minding Language Models’ (Lack of) Theory of Mind: A Plug-and-Play Multi-Character Belief Tracker
Melanie Sclar, Sachin Kumar, Peter West, Alane Suhr, Yejin Choi and Yulia Tsvetkov

Ranking-Enhanced Unsupervised Sentence Representation Learning
Yeon Seonwoo, Guoyin Wang, Changmin Seo, Sajal Choudhary, Jiwei Li, Xiang Li, Puyang Xu, Sunghyun Park and Alice Oh

Training-free Neural Architecture Search for RNNs and Transformers
Aaron Serianni and Jugal Kalita

Trillion Dollar Words: A New Financial Dataset, Task & Market Analysis
Agam Shah, Suvan Paturi and Sudheer Chava

Causes and Cures for Interference in Multilingual Translation
Uri Shaham, Maha Elbayad, Vedanuj Goswami, Omer Levy and Shruti Bhosale

On Second Thought, Let’s Not Think Step by Step! Bias and Toxicity in Zero-Shot Reasoning
Omar Shaikh, Hongxin Zhang, William Held, Michael Bernstein and Diyi Yang

Cognitive Reframing of Negative Thoughts through Human-Language Model Interaction
Ashish Sharma, Kevin Rushton, Inna Lin, David Wadden, Khendra Lucas, Adam Miner, Theresa Nguyen and Tim Althoff

Learning Non-linguistic Skills without Sacrificing Linguistic Proficiency
Mandar Sharma, Nikhil Muralidhar and Naren Ramakrishnan

When and how to paraphrase for named entity recognition?
Saket Sharma, Aviral Joshi, Yiyun Zhao, Namrata Mukhija, Hanoz Bhathena, Prateek Singh and Sashank Santhanam

MEMEX: Detecting Explanatory Evidence for Memes via Knowledge-Enriched Contextualization
Shivam Sharma, Ramaneswaran S, Udit Arora, Md. Shad Akhtar and Tanmoy Chakraborty

Dense-ATOMIC: Towards Densely-connected ATOMIC with High Knowledge Coverage and Massive Multi-hop Paths
Xiangqing Shen, Siwei Wu and Rui Xia

PromptNER: Prompt Locating and Typing for Named Entity Recognition
Yongliang Shen, Zeqi Tan, Shuhui Wu, Wenqi Zhang, Rongsheng Zhang, Yadong Xi, Weiming Lu and Yueting Zhuang

DiffusionNER: Boundary Diffusion for Named Entity Recognition
Yongliang Shen, Kaitao Song, Xu Tan, Dongsheng Li, Weiming Lu and Yueting Zhuang

MultiEMO: An Attention-Based Correlation-Aware Multimodal Fusion Framework for Emotion Recognition in Conversations
Tao Shi and Shao-Lun Huang

MidMed: Towards Mixed-Type Dialogues for Medical Consultation
Xiaoming Shi, Zeming Liu, Chuan Wang, Haitao Leng, Kui Xue, Xiaofan Zhang and Shaoting Zhang

RADE: Reference-Assisted Dialogue Evaluation for Open-Domain Dialogue
Zhengliang Shi, Weiwei Sun, Shuo Zhang, Zhen Zhang, Pengjie Ren and Zhaochun Ren

Pivotal Role of Language Modeling in Recommender Systems: Enriching Task-specific and Task-agnostic Representation Learning
Kyuyong Shin, Hanock Kwak, Wonjae Kim, Jisu Jeong, Seungjae Jung, Kyungmin Kim, Jung-Woo Ha and Sang-Woo Lee

SLUE Phase-2: A Benchmark Suite of Diverse Spoken Language Understanding Tasks
Suwon Shon, Siddhant Arora, Chyi-Jiunn Lin, Ankita Pasad, Felix Wu, Roshan S Sharma, Wei-Lun Wu, Hung-yi Lee, Karen Livescu and Shinji Watanabe

Evaluate AMR Graph Similarity via Self-supervised Learning
Ziyi Shou and Fangzhen Lin

Measuring Inductive Biases of In-Context Learning with Underspecified Demonstrations
Chenglei Si, Dan Friedman, Nitish Joshi, Shi Feng, Danqi Chen and He He

READIN: A Chinese Multi-Task Benchmark with Realistic and Diverse Input Noises
Chenglei Si, Zhengyan Zhang, Yingfa Chen, Xiaozhi Wang, Zhiyuan Liu and Maosong Sun

Combo of Thinking and Observing for Outside-Knowledge VQA
Qingyi Si, Yuchen Mo, Zheng Lin, HUISHAN JI and Weiping Wang

Learning to Generate Equitable Text in Dialogue from Biased Training Data
Anthony Sicilia and Malihe Alikhani

BIG-C: a Multimodal Multi-Purpose Dataset for Bemba
Claytone Sikasote, Eunice Mukonde, Md Mahfuz Ibn Alam and Antonios Anastasopoulos

Peeking inside the black box: A Commonsense-aware Generative Framework for Explainable Complaint Detection
Apoorva Singh, Raghav Jain, Prince Jha and Sriparna Saha

Forgotten Knowledge: Examining the Citational Amnesia in NLP
Janvijay Singh, Mukund Rungta, Diyi Yang and Saif Mohammad

EEL: Efficiently Encoding Lattices for Reranking
Prasann Singhal, Jiacheng Xu, Xi Ye and Greg Durrett

Language model acceptability judgements are not always robust to context
Koustuv Sinha, Jon Gauthier, Aaron Mueller, Kanishka Misra, Keren Fuentes, Roger Levy and Adina Williams

FERMAT: An Alternative to Accuracy for Numerical Reasoning
Jasivan Sivakumar and Nafise Sadat Moosavi

To Revise or Not to Revise: Learning to Detect Improvable Claims for Argumentative Writing Support
Gabriella Skitalinskaya and Henning Wachsmuth

A Simple and Flexible Modeling for Mental Disorder Detection by Learning from Clinical Questionnaires
Hoyun Song, Jisu Shin, Huije Lee and Jong Park

Peer-Label Assisted Hierarchical Text Classification
Junru Song, Feifei Wang and Yang Yang

MatSci-NLP: Evaluating Scientific Language Models on Materials Science Language Tasks Using Text-to-Schema Modeling
Yu Song, Santiago Miret and Bang Liu

Grounding Characters and Places in Narrative Text
Sandeep Soni, Amanpreet Sihra, Elizabeth Evans, Matthew Wilkens and David Bamman

Unsupervised Extractive Summarization of Emotion Triggers
Tiberiu Sosea, Hongli Zhan, Junyi Jessy Li and Cornelia Caragea

Local Byte Fusion for Neural Machine Translation
Makesh Narsimhan Sreedhar, Xiangpeng Wan, Yu Cheng and Junjie Hu

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? Rephrasing and Analyzing Ambiguous Questions in VQA
Elias Stengel-Eskin, Jimena Guallar-Blasco, Yi Zhou and Benjamin Van Durme

DEplain: A German Parallel Corpus with Intralingual Translations into Plain Language for Sentence and Document Simplification
Regina Stodden, Omar Momen and Laura Kallmeyer

An Ordinal Latent Variable Model of Conflict Intensity
Niklas Stoehr, Lucas Torroba Hennigen, Josef Valvoda, Robert West, Ryan Cotterell and Aaron Schein

A Causal Framework to Quantify the Robustness of Mathematical Reasoning with Language Models
Alessandro Stolfo, Zhijing Jin, Kumar Shridhar, Bernhard Schoelkopf and Mrinmaya Sachan

Unsupervised Selective Rationalization with Noise Injection
Adam Storek, Melanie Subbiah and Kathleen McKeown

NLP Reproducibility For All: Understanding Experiences of Beginners
Shane Storks, Keunwoo Yu, Ziqiao Ma and Joyce Chai

WikiBio: a Semantic Resource for the Intersectional Analysis of Biographical Events
Marco Antonio Stranisci, Rossana Damiano, Enrico Mensa, Viviana Patti, Daniele Radicioni and Tommaso Caselli

History Semantic Graph Enhanced Conversational KBQA with Temporal Information Modeling
Hao Sun, Yang Li, Liwei Deng, Bowen Li, Binyuan Hui, Binhua Li, Yunshi Lan, Yan Zhang and Yongbin Li

MoralDial: A Framework to Train and Evaluate Moral Dialogue Systems via Moral Discussions
Hao Sun, Zhexin Zhang, Fei Mi, Yasheng Wang, Wei Liu, Jianwei Cui, Bin Wang, Qun Liu and Minlie Huang

Dialect-robust Evaluation of Generated Text
Jiao Sun, Thibault Sellam, Elizabeth Clark, Tu Vu, Timothy Dozat, Dan Garrette, Aditya Siddhant, Jacob Eisenstein and Sebastian Gehrmann

Layer-wise Fusion with Modality Independence Modeling for Multi-modal Emotion Recognition
Jun Sun, Shoukang Han, Yu-Ping Ruan, Xiaoning Zhang, Shu-Kai Zheng, Yulong Liu, Yuxin Huang and Taihao Li

From Characters to Words: Hierarchical Pre-trained Language Model for Open-vocabulary Language Understanding
Li Sun, Florian Luisier, Kayhan Batmanghelich, Dinei Florencio and Cha Zhang

Uncertainty Guided Label Denoising for Document-level Distant Relation Extraction
Qi Sun, Kun Huang, Xiaocui Yang, Pengfei Hong, Kun Zhang and Soujanya Poria

Multitask Pre-training of Modular Prompt for Chinese Few-Shot Learning
Tianxiang Sun, Zhengfu He, Qin Zhu, Xipeng Qiu and Xuanjing Huang

Backdooring Neural Code Search
Weisong Sun, Yuchen Chen, Guanhong Tao, Chunrong Fang, Xiangyu Zhang, Quanjun Zhang and Bin Luo

Answering Ambiguous Questions via Iterative Prompting
Weiwei Sun, Hengyi Cai, Hongshen Chen, Pengjie Ren, Zhumin CHEN, Maarten de Rijke and Zhaochun Ren

A Length-Extrapolatable Transformer
Yutao Sun, Li Dong, Barun Patra, Shuming Ma, Shaohan Huang, Alon Benhaim, Vishrav Chaudhary, Xia Song and Furu Wei

IDRISI-RA: The First Arabic Location Mention Recognition Dataset of Disaster Tweets
Reem Suwaileh, Muhammad Imran and Tamer Elsayed

Why Aren’t We NER Yet? Artifacts of ASR Errors in Named Entity Recognition in Spontaneous Speech Transcripts
Piotr Szymański, Lukasz Augustyniak, Mikolaj Morzy, Adrian Szymczak, Krzysztof Surdyk and Piotr Żelasko

Towards Benchmarking and Improving the Temporal Reasoning Capability of Large Language Models
Qingyu Tan, Hwee Tou Ng and Lidong Bing

VisText: A Benchmark for Semantically Rich Chart Captioning
Benny Tang, Angie Boggust and Arvind Satyanarayan

Enhancing Dialogue Generation via Dynamic Graph Knowledge Aggregation
Chen Tang, Hongbo Zhang, Tyler Loakman, Chenghua Lin and Frank Guerin

Understanding Factual Errors in Summarization: Errors, Summarizers, Datasets, Error Detectors
Liyan Tang, Tanya Goyal, Alex Fabbri, Philippe Laban, Jiacheng Xu, Semih Yavuz, Wojciech Kryscinski, Justin Rousseau and Greg Durrett

What the DAAM: Interpreting Stable Diffusion Using Cross Attention
Raphael Tang, Linqing Liu, Akshat Pandey, Zhiying Jiang, Gefei Yang, Karun Kumar, Pontus Stenetorp, Jimmy Lin and Ferhan Ture

Multilingual Knowledge Graph Completion with Language-Sensitive Multi-Graph Attention
Rongchuan Tang, Yang Zhao, Chengqing Zong and Yu Zhou

Learning to Imagine: Visually-Augmented Natural Language Generation
Tianyi Tang, Yushuo Chen, Yifan Du, Junyi Li, Wayne Xin Zhao and Ji-Rong Wen

Learning Dynamic Contextualised Word Embeddings via Template-based Temporal Adaptation
Xiaohang Tang, Yi Zhou and Danushka Bollegala

Enhancing Personalized Dialogue Generation with Contrastive Latent Variables: Combining Sparse and Dense Persona
Yihong Tang, Bo Wang, Miao Fang, Dongming Zhao, Kun Huang, Ruifang He and Yuexian Hou

Hybrid Transducer and Attention based Encoder-Decoder Modeling for Speech-to-Text Tasks
Yun Tang, Anna Sun, Hirofumi Inaguma, Xinyue Chen, Ning Dong, Xutai Ma, Paden Tomasello and Juan Pino

Multilingual LLMs are Better Cross-lingual In-context Learners with Alignment
Eshaan Tanwar, Subhabrata Dutta, Manish Borthakur and Tanmoy Chakraborty

CORE: Cooperative Training of Retriever-Reranker for Effective Dialogue Response Selection
Chongyang Tao, Jiazhan Feng, Tao Shen, Chang Liu, Juntao Li, Xiubo Geng and Daxin Jiang

UniEvent: Unified Generative Model with Multi-Dimensional Prefix for Zero-Shot Event-Relational Reasoning
Zhengwei Tao, Zhi Jin, Haiyan Zhao, Chengfeng Dou, yongqiang zhao, Tao Shen and Chongyang Tao

What’s the Meaning of Superhuman Performance in Today’s NLU?
Simone Tedeschi, Johan Bos, Thierry Declerck, Jan Hajič, Daniel Hershcovich, Eduard Hovy, Alexander Koller, Simon Krek, Steven Schockaert, Rico Sennrich, Ekaterina Shutova and Roberto Navigli

We Understand Elliptical Sentences, and Language Models should Too: A New Dataset for Studying Ellipsis and its Interaction with Thematic Fit
Davide Testa, Emmanuele Chersoni and Alessandro Lenci

Being Right for Whose Right Reasons?
Terne Sasha Thorn Jakobsen, Laura Cabello and Anders Søgaard

Dynamic Routing Transformer Network for Multimodal Sarcasm Detection
Yuan Tian, Nan Xu, Ruike Zhang and Wenji Mao

Unsupervised Melody-to-Lyrics Generation
Yufei Tian, Anjali Narayan-Chen, Shereen Oraby, Alessandra Cervone, Gunnar Sigurdsson, Chenyang Tao, Wenbo Zhao, Tagyoung Chung, Jing Huang and Nanyun Peng

A New Aligned Simple German Corpus
Vanessa Toborek, Moritz Busch, Malte Boßert, Christian Bauckhage and Pascal Welke

Are Fairy Tales Fair? Analyzing Gender Bias in Temporal Narrative Event Chains of Children’s Fairy Tales
Paulina Toro Isaza, Guangxuan Xu, Toye Oloko, Yufang Hou, Nanyun Peng and Dakuo Wang

Model-Based Simulation for Optimising Smart Reply
Benjamin Towle and Ke Zhou

CREST: A Joint Framework for Rationalization and Counterfactual Text Generation
Marcos Treviso, Alexis Ross, Nuno M. Guerreiro and André Martins

Interleaving Retrieval with Chain-of-Thought Reasoning for Knowledge-Intensive Multi-Step Questions
Harsh Trivedi, Niranjan Balasubramanian, Tushar Khot and Ashish Sabharwal

LayoutMask: Enhance Text-Layout Interaction in Multi-modal Pre-training for Document Understanding
Yi Tu, Ya Guo, Huan Chen and jinyang tang

Is Fine-tuning Needed? Pre-trained Language Models Are Near Perfect for Out-of-Domain Detection
Rheeya Uppaal, Junjie Hu and Yixuan Li

Curriculum Learning for Graph Neural Networks: A Multiview Competence-based Approach
Nidhi Vakil and Hadi Amiri

Transfer and Active Learning for Dissonance Detection: Addressing the Rare-Class Challenge
Vasudha Varadarajan, Swanie Juhng, Syeda Mahwish, Xiaoran Liu, Jonah Luby, Christian Luhmann and H. Andrew Schwartz

Post-Abstention: Towards Reliably Re-Attempting the Abstained Instances in QA
Neeraj Varshney and Chitta Baral

Hybrid Uncertainty Quantification for Selective Text Classification in Ambiguous Tasks
Artem Vazhentsev, Gleb Kuzmin, Akim Tsvigun, Alexander Panchenko, Maxim Panov, Mikhail Burtsev and Artem Shelmanov

Prompting PaLM for Translation: Assessing Strategies and Performance
David Vilar, Markus Freitag, Colin Cherry, Jiaming Luo, Viresh Ratnakar and George Foster

DataFinder: Scientific Dataset Recommendation from Natural Language Descriptions
Vijay Viswanathan, Luyu Gao, Tongshuang Wu, Pengfei Liu and Graham Neubig

Does GPT-3 Grasp Metaphors? Identifying Metaphor Mappings with Generative Language Models
Lennart Wachowiak and Dagmar Gromann

Revisiting Relation Extraction in the era of Large Language Models
Somin Wadhwa, Silvio Amir and Byron C. Wallace

Multi-Grained Knowledge Retrieval for End-to-End Task-Oriented Dialog
Fanqi Wan, Weizhou Shen, Ke Yang, Xiaojun Quan and Wei Bi

Joint Document-Level Event Extraction via Token-Token Bidirectional Event Completed Graph
Qizhi Wan, Changxuan Wan, Keli Xiao, Dexi Liu, Chenliang Li, Bolong Zheng, Xiping Liu and Rong Hu

Towards Understanding Chain-of-Thought Prompting: An Empirical Study of What Matters
Boshi Wang, Sewon Min, Xiang Deng, Jiaming Shen, You Wu, Luke Zettlemoyer and Huan Sun

Simple and Effective Unsupervised Speech Translation
Changhan Wang, Hirofumi Inaguma, Peng-Jen Chen, Ilia Kulikov, Yun Tang, Wei-Ning Hsu, Michael Auli and Juan Pino

Aggregating Multiple Heuristic Signals as Supervision for Unsupervised Automated Essay Scoring
Cong Wang, Zhiwei Jiang, Yafeng Yin, Zifeng Cheng, Shiping Ge and Qing Gu

DT-Solver: Automated Theorem Proving with Dynamic-Tree Sampling Guided by Proof-level Value Function
Haiming Wang, Ye Yuan, Zhengying Liu, Jianhao Shen, Yichun Yin, Jing Xiong, Enze Xie, Han Shi, Yujun Li, lin li, Jian Yin, Zhenguo Li and Xiaodan Liang

CoAD: Automatic Diagnosis through Symptom and Disease Collaborative Generation
Huimin Wang, Wai Chung Kwan, Kam-Fai Wong and Yefeng Zheng

Towards Unifying Multi-Lingual and Cross-Lingual Summarization
Jiaan Wang, Fandong Meng, Duo Zheng, Yunlong Liang, Zhixu Li, Jianfeng Qu and Jie Zhou

Easy Guided Decoding in Providing Suggestions for Interactive Machine Translation
Ke Wang, Xin Ge, Jiayi Wang, Yuqi Zhang and Yu Zhao

Plan-and-Solve Prompting: Improving Zero-Shot Chain-of-Thought Reasoning by Large Language Models
Lei Wang, Wanyu Xu, Yihuai Lan, Zhiqiang Hu, Yunshi Lan, Roy Ka-Wei Lee and Ee-Peng Lim

SimLM: Pre-training with Representation Bottleneck for Dense Passage Retrieval
Liang Wang, Nan Yang, Xiaolong Huang, Binxing Jiao, Linjun Yang, Daxin Jiang, Rangan Majumder and Furu Wei

Two-Stage Fine-Tuning for Improved Bias and Variance for Large Pretrained Language Models
Lijing Wang, Yingya Li, Timothy Miller, Steven Bethard and Guergana Savova

A Theory of Unsupervised Speech Recognition
Liming Wang, Mark Hasegawa-Johnson and Chang Yoo

KGA: A General Machine Unlearning Framework Based on Knowledge Gap Alignment
Lingzhi Wang, Tong Chen, Wei Yuan, Xingshan Zeng, Kam-Fai Wong and Hongzhi Yin

A Survey on Zero Pronoun Translation
Longyue Wang, Siyou Liu, Mingzhou Xu, Linfeng Song, Shuming Shi and Zhaopeng Tu

Automated Metrics for Medical Multi-Document Summarization Disagree with Human Evaluations
Lucy Lu Wang, Yulia Otmakhova, Jay DeYoung, Thinh Hung Truong, Bailey Kuehl, Erin Bransom and Byron Wallace

SCOTT: Self-Consistent Chain-of-Thought Distillation
Peifeng Wang, Zhengyang Wang, Zheng Li, Yifan Gao, Bing Yin and Xiang Ren

MUSTIE: Multimodal Structural Transformer for Web Information Extraction
Qifan Wang, Jingang Wang, Xiaojun Quan, Fuli Feng, Zenglin Xu, Shaoliang Nie, Sinong Wang, Madian Khabsa, Hamed Firooz and Dongfang Liu

Divide, Conquer, and Combine: Mixture of Semantic-Independent Experts for Zero-Shot Dialogue State Tracking
Qingyue Wang, Liang Ding, Yanan Cao, Yibing Zhan, Zheng Lin, Shi Wang, Dacheng Tao and Li Guo

Retrieval-free Knowledge Injection through Multi-Document Traversal for Dialogue Models
Rui Wang, Jianzhu Bao, Fei Mi, Yi Chen, Hongru Wang, Yasheng Wang, Yitong Li, Lifeng Shang, Kam-Fai Wong and Ruifeng Xu

ReCode: Robustness Evaluation of Code Generation Models
Shiqi Wang, Zheng Li, Haifeng Qian, Chenghao Yang, Zijian Wang, Mingyue Shang, Varun Kumar, Samson Tan, Baishakhi Ray, Parminder Bhatia, Ramesh Nallapati, Murali Krishna Ramanathan, Dan Roth and Bing Xiang

Better Simultaneous Translation with Monotonic Knowledge Distillation
Shushu Wang, Jing Wu, Kai Fan, Wei Luo, Jun Xiao and Zhongqiang Huang

Query Structure Modeling for Inductive Logical Reasoning Over Knowledge Graphs
Siyuan Wang, Zhongyu Wei, meng han, Zhihao Fan, Haijun Shan, Qi Zhang and Xuanjing Huang

CAT: A Contextualized Conceptualization and Instantiation Framework for Commonsense Reasoning
Weiqi Wang, Tianqing Fang, Baixuan Xu, Chun Yi Louis Bo, Yangqiu Song and Lei Chen

Elaboration-Generating Commonsense Question Answering at Scale
Wenya Wang, Vivek Srikumar, Hannaneh Hajishirzi and Noah A. Smith

Effective Contrastive Weighting for Dense Query Expansion
Xiao Wang, Sean MacAvaney, Craig Macdonald and Iadh Ounis

Code4Struct: Code Generation for Few-Shot Event Structure Prediction
Xingyao Wang, Sha Li and Heng Ji

Document-Level Multi-Event Extraction with Event Proxy Nodes and Hausdorff Distance Minimization
Xinyu Wang, Lin Gui and Yulan He

PESCO: Prompt-enhanced Self Contrastive Learning for Zero-shot Text Classification
Yau-Shian Wang, Ta-Chung Chi, Ruohong Zhang and YIMING YANG

Weakly-Supervised Spoken Video Grounding via Semantic Interaction Learning
Ye Wang, Wang Lin, Shengyu Zhang, Tao Jin, Linjun Li, Xize Cheng and Zhou Zhao

Element-aware Summarization with Large Language Models: Expert-aligned Evaluation and Chain-of-Thought Method
Yiming Wang, Zhuosheng Zhang and Rui Wang

Self-Instruct: Aligning Language Models with Self-Generated Instructions
Yizhong Wang, Yeganeh Kordi, Swaroop Mishra, Alisa Liu, Noah A. Smith, Daniel Khashabi and Hannaneh Hajishirzi

Dynamic Heterogeneous-Graph Reasoning with Language Models and Knowledge Representation Learning for Commonsense Question Answering
Yujie Wang, Hu Zhang, Jiye Liang and Ru Li

GreenKGC: A Lightweight Knowledge Graph Completion Method
Yun Cheng Wang, Xiou Ge, Bin Wang and C.-C. Jay Kuo

VSTAR: A Video-grounded Dialogue Dataset for Situated Semantic Understanding with Scene and Topic Transitions
Yuxuan Wang, Zilong Zheng, Xueliang Zhao, Jinpeng Li, Yueqian Wang and Dongyan Zhao

COLA: Contextualized Commonsense Causal Reasoning from the Causal Inference Perspective
Zhaowei Wang, Quyet V. Do, Hongming Zhang, Jiayao Zhang, Weiqi Wang, Tianqing Fang, Yangqiu Song, Ginny Y. Wong and Simon See

RMLM: A Flexible Defense Framework for Proactively Mitigating Word-level Adversarial Attacks
Zhaoyang Wang, Zhiyue Liu, Xiaopeng Zheng, Qinliang Su and Jiahai Wang

Rehearsal-free Continual Language Learning via Efficient Parameter Isolation
Zhicheng Wang, Yufang Liu, Tao Ji, xiaoling Wang, Yuanbin Wu, congcong jiang, ye chao, zhencong han, ling wang, xu shao and wenqiu zeng

Faithful Low-Resource Data-to-Text Generation through Cycle Training
Zhuoer Wang, Marcus Collins, Nikhita Vedula, Simone Filice, Shervin Malmasi and Oleg Rokhlenko

On Evaluating Multilingual Compositional Generalization with Translated Datasets
Zi Wang and Daniel Hershcovich

DiffusionDB: A Large-scale Prompt Gallery Dataset for Text-to-Image Generative Models
Zijie J. Wang, Evan Montoya, David Munechika, Haoyang Yang, Benjamin Hoover and Duen Horng Chau

What social attitudes about gender does BERT encode? Leveraging insights from psycholinguistics
Julia Watson, Barend Beekhuizen and Suzanne Stevenson

Subjective Crowd Disagreements for Subjective Data: Uncovering Meaningful CrowdOpinion with Population-level Learning
Tharindu Cyril Weerasooriya, Sarah Luger, Saloni Poddar, Ashiqur KhudaBukhsh and Christopher Homan

Text Style Transfer Back-Translation
Daimeng Wei, Zhanglin Wu, Hengchao Shang, Zongyao Li, Minghan Wang, Jiaxin GUO, Xiaoyu Chen, Zhengzhe YU and Hao Yang

Guide the Many-to-One Assignment: Open Information Extraction via IoU-aware Optimal Transport
Kaiwen Wei, Yiran Yang, li jin, Xian Sun, Zequn Zhang, Jingyuan Zhang, Xiao yu Li, Linhao Zhang, Jintao Liu and Guo Zhi

Tackling Modality Heterogeneity with Multi-View Calibration Network for Multimodal Sentiment Detection
yiwei wei, Shaozu Yuan, Ruosong Yang, Lei Shen, zhangmeizhi li, Longbiao Wang and Meng Chen

f-Divergence Minimization for Sequence-Level Knowledge Distillation
Yuqiao Wen, Zichao Li, Wenyu Du and Lili Mou

WebIE: Faithful and Robust Information Extraction on the Web
Chenxi Whitehouse, Clara Vania, Alham Fikri Aji, Christos Christodoulopoulos and Andrea Pierleoni

Trigger Warning Assignment as a Multi-Label Document Classification Problem
Matti Wiegmann, Magdalena Wolska, Christopher Schröder, Ole Borchardt, Benno Stein and Martin Potthast

Beyond Contrastive Learning: A Variational Generative Model for Multilingual Retrieval
John Wieting, Jonathan Clark, William Cohen, Graham Neubig and Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick

BREAK: Breaking the Dialogue State Tracking Barrier with Beam Search and Re-ranking
Seungpil Won, Heeyoung Kwak, Joongbo Shin, Janghoon Han and Kyomin Jung

lilGym: Natural Language Visual Reasoning with Reinforcement Learning
Anne Wu, Kiante Brantley, Noriyuki Kojima and Yoav Artzi

Rethinking Masked Language Modeling for Chinese Spelling Correction
Hongqiu Wu, Shaohua Zhang, Yuchen Zhang and Hai Zhao

Connective Prediction for Implicit Discourse Relation Recognition via Knowledge Distillation
Hongyi Wu, Hao Zhou, Man Lan, Yuanbin Wu and Yadong Zhang

Multi-Level Knowledge Distillation for Out-of-Distribution Detection in Text
Qianhui Wu, Huiqiang Jiang, Haonan Yin, Börje Karlsson and Chin-Yew Lin

WSPAlign: Word Alignment Pre-training via Large-Scale Weakly Supervised Span Prediction
Qiyu Wu, Masaaki Nagata and Yoshimasa Tsuruoka

Ambiguous Learning from Retrieval: Towards Zero-shot Semantic Parsing
Shan Wu, Chunlei Xin, Hongyu Lin, Xianpei Han, Cao Liu, Jiansong Chen, Fan Yang, Guanglu Wan and Le Sun

Denoising Bottleneck with Mutual Information Maximization for Video Multimodal Fusion
Shaoxiang Wu, Damai Dai, Ziwei Qin, Tianyu Liu, Binghuai Lin, Yunbo Cao and Zhifang Sui

Information Screening whilst Exploiting! Multimodal Relation Extraction with Feature Denoising and Multimodal Topic Modeling
Shengqiong Wu, Hao Fei, Yixin Cao, Lidong Bing and Tat-Seng Chua

Cross2StrA: Unpaired Cross-lingual Image Captioning with Cross-lingual Cross-modal Structure-pivoted Alignment
Shengqiong Wu, Hao Fei, Wei Ji and Tat-Seng Chua

AD-KD: Attribution-Driven Knowledge Distillation for Language Model Compression
Siyue Wu, Hongzhan Chen, Xiaojun Quan, Qifan Wang and Rui Wang

SIMMC-VR: A Task-oriented Multimodal Dialog Dataset with Situated and Immersive VR Streams
Te-Lin Wu, Satwik Kottur, Andrea Madotto, Mahmoud Azab, Pedro Rodriguez, Babak Damavandi, Nanyun Peng and Seungwhan Moon

Learning Action Conditions from Instructional Manuals for Instruction Understanding
Te-Lin Wu, Caiqi ZHANG, Qingyuan Hu, Alexander Spangher and Nanyun Peng

Towards Zero-Shot Multilingual Transfer for Code-Switched Responses
Ting-Wei Wu, Changsheng Zhao, Ernie Chang, Yangyang Shi, Pierce Chuang, Vikas Chandra and Biing Juang

Do PLMs Know and Understand Ontological Knowledge?
Weiqi Wu, Chengyue Jiang, Yong Jiang, Pengjun Xie and Kewei Tu

Estimating the Uncertainty in Emotion Attributes using Deep Evidential Regression
Wen Wu, Chao Zhang and Philip C. Woodland

WeCheck: Strong Factual Consistency Checker via Weakly Supervised Learning
Wenhao Wu, Wei Li, Xinyan Xiao, Jiachen Liu, Sujian Li and Yajuan Lyu

Self-Adaptive In-Context Learning: An Information Compression Perspective for In-Context Example Selection and Ordering
Zhiyong Wu, Yaoxiang Wang, Jiacheng Ye and Lingpeng Kong

Are Experts Needed? On Human Evaluation of Counselling Reflection Generation
Zixiu Wu, Simone Balloccu, Ehud Reiter, Rim Helaoui, Diego Reforgiato Recupero and Daniele Riboni

UniCoRN: Unified Cognitive Signal ReconstructioN bridging cognitive signals and human language
Nuwa Xi, Sendong Zhao, Haochun Wang, Chi Liu, Bing Qin and Ting Liu

Training Trajectories of Language Models Across Scales
Mengzhou Xia, Mikel Artetxe, Chunting Zhou, Xi Victoria Lin, Ramakanth Pasunuru, Danqi Chen, Luke Zettlemoyer and Veselin Stoyanov

Plug-and-Play Document Modules for Pre-trained Models
Chaojun Xiao, Zhengyan Zhang, Xu Han, Chi-Min Chan, Yankai Lin, Zhiyuan Liu, xiangyang li, Zhonghua Li, Zhao Cao and Maosong Sun

CFSum:A Coarse-to-Fine Contribution Network for Multimodal Summarization
Min Xiao, Junnan Zhu, Haitao Lin, Yu Zhou and Chengqing Zong

An Empirical Analysis of Parameter-Efficient Methods for Debiasing Pre-Trained Language Models
Zhongbin Xie and Thomas Lukasiewicz

Interpreting Positional Information in Perspective of Word Order
Zhang Xilong, Liu Ruochen, Liu Jin and Liang Xuefeng

Shrinking Embeddings for Hyper-Relational Knowledge Graphs
Bo Xiong, Mojtaba Nayyeri, Shirui Pan and Steffen Staab

Contrastive Novelty-Augmented Learning: Anticipating Outliers with Large Language Models
Albert Xu, Xiang Ren and Robin Jia

S2ynRE: Two-stage Self-training with Synthetic data for Low-resource Relation Extraction
Benfeng Xu, Quan Wang, Yajuan Lyu, Dai Dai, Yongdong Zhang and Zhendong Mao

CTC-based Non-autoregressive Speech Translation
Chen Xu, Xiaoqian Liu, Xiaowen Liu, Qingxuan Sun, Yuhao Zhang, Murun Yang, Qianqian Dong, Tom Ko, Mingxuan Wang, Tong Xiao, Anxiang Ma and Jingbo Zhu

Introducing Semantics into Speech Encoders
Derek Xu, Shuyan Dong, Changhan Wang, Suyoun Kim, Zhaojiang Lin, Bing Liu, Akshat Shrivastava, Shang-Wen Li, Liang-Hsuan Tseng, Guan-Ting Lin, Alexei Baevski, Hung-yi Lee, Yizhou Sun and Wei Wang

A Critical Evaluation of Evaluations for Long-form Question Answering
Fangyuan Xu, Yixiao Song, Mohit Iyyer and Eunsol Choi

A Universal Discriminator for Zero-Shot Generalization
Haike Xu, Zongyu Lin, Jing Zhou, Yanan Zheng and Zhilin Yang

Double-Branch Multi-Attention based Graph Neural Network for Knowledge Graph Completion
Hongcai Xu, Junpeng Bao and Wenbo Liu

Best-k Search Algorithm for Neural Text Generation
Jiacheng Xu, Caiming Xiong, silvio savarese and Yingbo Zhou

Can NLI Provide Proper Indirect Supervision for Low-resource Biomedical Relation Extraction?
Jiashu Xu, Mingyu Derek Ma and Muhao Chen

Learning New Skills after Deployment: Improving open-domain internet-driven dialogue with human feedback
Jing Xu, Megan Ung, Mojtaba Komeili, Kushal Arora, Y-Lan Boureau and Jason Weston

Towards Open-World Product Attribute Mining: A Lightly-Supervised Approach
Liyan Xu, Chenwei Zhang, Xian Li, Jingbo Shang and Jinho D. Choi

Enhancing Language Representation with Constructional Information for Natural Language Understanding
Lvxiaowei Xu, Jianwang Wu, Jiawei Peng, Zhilin Gong, Ming Cai and Tianxiang Wang

BERM: Training the Balanced and Extractable Representation for Matching to Improve Generalization Ability of Dense Retrieval
Shicheng Xu, Liang Pang, Huawei Shen and Xueqi Cheng

PeerDA: Data Augmentation via Modeling Peer Relation for Span Identification Tasks
Weiwen Xu, Xin Li, Yang Deng, Wai Lam and Lidong Bing

Counterfactual Debiasing for Fact Verification
Weizhi Xu, Qiang Liu, Shu Wu and Liang Wang

SESCORE2: Learning Text Generation Evaluation via Synthesizing Realistic Mistakes
Wenda Xu, Xian Qian, Mingxuan Wang, Lei Li and William Yang Wang

ManagerTower: Aggregating the Insights of Uni-Modal Experts for Vision-Language Representation Learning
Xiao Xu, Bei Li, Chenfei Wu, Shao-Yen Tseng, Anahita Bhiwandiwalla, ‫Shachar Rosenman, Vasudev Lal, Wanxiang Che and Nan Duan

KILM: Knowledge Injection into Encoder-Decoder Language Models
Yan Xu, Mahdi Namazifar, Devamanyu Hazarika, Aishwarya Padmakumar, Yang Liu and Dilek Hakkani-Tur

Exploring and Verbalizing Academic Ideas by Concept Co-occurrence
Yi Xu, Shuqian Sheng, Bo Xue, Luoyi Fu, Xinbing Wang and Chenghu Zhou

Unsupervised Graph-Text Mutual Conversion with a Unified Pretrained Language Model
Yi Xu, Shuqian Sheng, Jiexing Qi, Luoyi Fu, Zhouhan Lin, Xinbing Wang and Chenghu Zhou

Hard Sample Aware Prompt-Tuning
Yuanjian Xu, Qi An, Jiahuan Zhang, Peng Li and Zaiqing Nie

MultiInstruct: Improving Multi-Modal Zero-Shot Learning via Instruction Tuning
Zhiyang Xu, Ying Shen and Lifu Huang

Constrained Tuple Extraction with Interaction-Aware Network
Xiaojun Xue, Chunxia Zhang, Tianxiang Xu and Zhendong Niu

Towards Identifying Fine-Grained Depression Symptoms from Memes
Shweta Yadav, Cornelia Caragea, Chenye Zhao, Naincy Kumari, Marvin Solberg and Tanmay Sharma

SLABERT Talk Pretty One Day: Modeling Second Language Acquisition with BERT
Aditya Yadavalli, Alekhya Yadavalli and Vera Tobin

GEC-DePenD: Non-Autoregressive Grammatical Error Correction with Decoupled Permutation and Decoding
Konstantin Yakovlev, Alexander Podolskiy, Andrey Bout, Sergey Nikolenko and Irina Piontkovskaya

Holographic CCG Parsing
Ryosuke Yamaki, Tadahiro Taniguchi and Daichi Mochihashi

Holistic Prediction on a Time-Evolving Attributed Graph
Shohei Yamasaki, Yuya Sasaki, Panagiotis Karras and Makoto Onizuka

UTC-IE: A Unified Token-pair Classification Architecture for Information Extraction
Hang Yan, Yu Sun, Xiaonan Li, Yunhua Zhou, Xuanjing Huang and Xipeng Qiu

Learning to Simulate Natural Language Feedback for Interactive Semantic Parsing
Hao Yan, Saurabh Srivastava, Yintao Tai, Sida I. Wang, Wen-tau Yih and Ziyu Yao

BITE: Textual Backdoor Attacks with Iterative Trigger Injection
Jun Yan, Vansh Gupta and Xiang Ren

BLEURT Has Universal Translations: An Analysis of Automatic Metrics by Minimum Risk Training
Yiming Yan, Tao Wang, Chengqi Zhao, Shujian Huang, Jiajun CHEN and Mingxuan Wang

MultiCapCLIP: Auto-Encoding Prompts for Zero-Shot Multilingual Visual Captioning
Bang Yang, Fenglin Liu, Xian Wu, Yaowei Wang, Xu Sun and Yuexian Zou

Efficient Shapley Values Estimation by Amortization for Text Classification
Chenghao Yang, Fan Yin, He He, Kai-Wei Chang, Xiaofei Ma and Bing Xiang

Attractive Storyteller: Stylized Visual Storytelling with Unpaired Text
Dingyi Yang and Qin Jin

Learning Better Masking for Better Language Model Pre-training
Dongjie Yang, Zhuosheng Zhang and Hai Zhao

GanLM: Encoder-Decoder Pre-training with an Auxiliary Discriminator
Jian Yang, Shuming Ma, Li Dong, Shaohan Huang, Haoyang Huang, Yuwei Yin, Dongdong Zhang, Liqun Yang, Furu Wei and Zhoujun Li

ConFEDE: Contrastive Feature Decomposition for Multimodal Sentiment Analysis
Jiuding Yang, Yakun Yu, Di Niu, Weidong Guo and Yu Xu

DOC: Improving Long Story Coherence With Detailed Outline Control
Kevin Yang, Dan Klein, Nanyun Peng and Yuandong Tian

Fantastic Expressions and Where to Find Them: Chinese Simile Generation with Multiple Constraints
Kexin Yang, Dayiheng Liu, Wenqiang Lei, Baosong Yang, Xiangpeng Wei, Zhengyuan Liu and Jun Xie

Tailor: A Soft-Prompt-Based Approach to Attribute-Based Controlled Text Generation
Kexin Yang, Dayiheng Liu, Wenqiang Lei, Baosong Yang, Mingfeng Xue, Boxing Chen and Jun Xie

Measuring Consistency in Text-based Financial Forecasting Models
Linyi Yang, Yingpeng Ma and Yue Zhang

Local Interpretation of Transformer Based on Linear Decomposition
Sen Yang, Shujian Huang, wei zou, Jianbing Zhang, Xinyu Dai and Jiajun CHEN

A New Dataset and Empirical Study for Sentence Simplification in Chinese
Shiping Yang, Renliang Sun and Xiaojun Wan

Unsupervised Discontinuous Constituency Parsing with Mildly Context-Sensitive Grammars
Songlin Yang, Roger Levy and Yoon Kim

Don’t Parse, Choose Spans! Continuous and Discontinuous Constituency Parsing via Autoregressive Span Selection
Songlin Yang and Kewei Tu

HistRED: A Historical Document-Level Relation Extraction Dataset
Soyoung Yang, Minseok Choi, Youngwoo Cho and Jaegul Choo

Prototype-Guided Pseudo Labeling for Semi-Supervised Text Classification
Weiyi Yang, Richong Zhang, Junfan Chen, Lihong Wang and Jaein Kim

Few-Shot Document-Level Event Argument Extraction
Xianjun Yang, Yujie Lu and Linda Petzold

Transforming Visual Scene Graphs to Image Captions
Xu Yang, Jiawei Peng, Zihua Wang, Haiyang Xu, Qinghao Ye, Chenliang Li, Songfang Huang, Fei Huang, Zhangzikang Li and Yu Zhang

An AMR-based Link Prediction Approach for Document-level Event Argument Extraction
Yuqing Yang, Qipeng Guo, Xiangkun Hu, Yue Zhang, Xipeng Qiu and Zheng Zhang

Gradient-based Intra-attention Pruning on Pre-trained Language Models
Ziqing Yang, Yiming Cui, Xin Yao and Shijin Wang

Are Human Explanations Always Helpful? Towards Objective Evaluation of Human Natural Language Explanations
Bingsheng Yao, Prithviraj Sen, Lucian Popa, James Hendler and Dakuo Wang

Modeling User Satisfaction Dynamics in Dialogue via Hawkes Process
Fanghua Ye, zhiyuan hu and Emine Yilmaz

Multi-Source Test-Time Adaptation as Dueling Bandits for Extractive Question Answering
Hai Ye, Qizhe Xie and Hwee Tou Ng

FiD-ICL: A Fusion-in-Decoder Approach for Efficient In-Context Learning
Qinyuan Ye, Iz Beltagy, Matthew Peters, Xiang Ren and Hannaneh Hajishirzi

CLAPSpeech: Learning Prosody from Text Context with Contrastive Language-Audio Pre-Training
Zhenhui Ye, Rongjie Huang, Yi Ren, Ziyue Jiang, Jinglin Liu, Jinzheng He, Xiang Yin and Zhou Zhao

How poor is the stimulus? Evaluating hierarchical generalization in neural networks trained on child-directed speech
Aditya Yedetore, Tal Linzen, Robert Frank and R. Thomas McCoy

Did You Read the Instructions? Rethinking the Effectiveness of Task Definitions in Instruction Learning
Fan Yin, Jesse Vig, Philippe Laban, Shafiq Joty, Caiming Xiong and Chien-Sheng Wu

Natural Language to Code Generation in Interactive Data Science Notebooks
Pengcheng Yin, Wen-Ding Li, Kefan Xiao, Abhishek Rao, Yeming Wen, Kensen Shi, Joshua Howland, Paige Bailey, Michele Catasta, Henryk Michalewski, Oleksandr Polozov and Charles Sutton

NUWA-XL: Diffusion over Diffusion for eXtremely Long Video Generation
Shengming Yin, Chenfei Wu, Huan Yang, Jianfeng Wang, Xiaodong Wang, Minheng Ni, Zhengyuan Yang, Linjie Li, Shuguang Liu, Fan Yang, Jianlong Fu, Ming Gong, Lijuan Wang, Zicheng Liu, Houqiang Li and Nan Duan

Consistency Regularization Training for Compositional Generalization
Yongjing Yin, Jiali Zeng, Yafu Li, Fandong Meng, Jie Zhou and Yue Zhang

BLOOM+1: Adding Language Support to BLOOM for Zero-Shot Prompting
Zheng Xin Yong, Hailey Schoelkopf, Niklas Muennighoff, Alham Fikri Aji, David Ifeoluwa Adelani, KHALID ALMUBARAK, M Saiful Bari, Lintang Sutawika, Jungo Kasai, Ahmed Baruwa, Genta Winata, Stella Biderman, Edward Raff, Dragomir Radev and Vassilina Nikoulina

Rethinking Annotation: Can Language Learners Contribute?
Haneul Yoo, Rifki Afina Putri, Changyoon Lee, Youngin Lee, So-Yeon Ahn, Dongyeop Kang and Alice Oh

Robust Multi-bit Natural Language Watermarking through Invariant Features
KiYoon Yoo, Wonhyuk Ahn, Jiho Jang and Nojun Kwak

Towards standardizing Korean Grammatical Error Correction: Datasets and Annotation
Soyoung Yoon, Sungjoon Park, Gyuwan Kim, Junhee Cho, Kihyo Park, Gyu Tae Kim, Minjoon Seo and Alice Oh

Grounded Multimodal Named Entity Recognition on Social Media
Jianfei Yu, Ziyan Li, Jieming Wang and Rui Xia

Cross-Domain Data Augmentation with Domain-Adaptive Language Modeling for Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis
Jianfei Yu, Qiankun Zhao and Rui Xia

Word sense extension
Lei Yu and Yang Xu

Personality Understanding of Fictional Characters during Book Reading
Mo Yu, Jiangnan Li, Shunyu Yao, Wenjie Pang, Xiaochen Zhou, Zhou Xiao, Fandong Meng and Jie Zhou

ALERT: Adapt Language Models to Reasoning Tasks
Ping Yu, Tianlu Wang, Olga Golovneva, Badr AlKhamissi, Siddharth Verma, Zhijing Jin, Gargi Ghosh, Mona Diab and Asli Celikyilmaz

Speech-Text Pre-training for Spoken Dialog Understanding with Explicit Cross-Modal Alignment
Tianshu Yu, haoyu gao, Ting-En Lin, Min Yang, Yuchuan Wu, Wentao Ma, chao wang, Fei Huang and Yongbin Li

Generating Hashtags for Short-form Videos with Guided Signals
Tiezheng Yu, Hanchao Yu, Davis Liang, Yuning Mao, Shaoliang Nie, Po-Yao Huang, Madian Khabsa, Pascale Fung and Yi-Chia Wang

CREPE: Open-Domain Question Answering with False Presuppositions
Xinyan Yu, Sewon Min, Luke Zettlemoyer and Hannaneh Hajishirzi

Cold-Start Data Selection for Better Few-shot Language Model Fine-tuning: A Prompt-based Uncertainty Propagation Approach
Yue Yu, Rongzhi Zhang, Ran Xu, Jieyu Zhang, Jiaming Shen and Chao Zhang

Augmentation-Adapted Retriever Improves Generalization of Language Models as Generic Plug-In
Zichun Yu, Chenyan Xiong, Shi Yu and Zhiyuan Liu

Discriminative Reasoning with Sparse Event Representation for Document-level Event-Event Relation Extraction
Changsen Yuan, Heyan Huang, Yixin Cao and Yonggang Wen

HyPe: Better Pre-trained Language Model Fine-tuning with Hidden Representation Perturbation
Hongyi Yuan, Zheng Yuan, Chuanqi Tan, Fei Huang and Songfang Huang

Distilling Script Knowledge from Large Language Models for Constrained Language Planning
Siyu Yuan, Jiangjie Chen, Ziquan Fu, Xuyang Ge, Soham Shah, Charles Jankowski, Yanghua Xiao and Deqing Yang

Causality-aware Concept Extraction based on Knowledge-guided Prompting
Siyu Yuan, Deqing Yang, Jinxi Liu, Shuyu Tian, Jiaqing Liang, Yanghua Xiao and Rui Xie

Synthetic Text Generation with Differential Privacy: A Simple and Practical Recipe
Xiang Yue, Huseyin Inan, Xuechen Li, Girish Kumar, Julia McAnallen, Hoda Shajari, Huan Sun, David Levitan and Robert Sim

MetaAdapt: Domain Adaptive Few-Shot Misinformation Detection via Meta Learning
Zhenrui Yue, Huimin Zeng, Yang Zhang, Lanyu Shang and Dong Wang

Zero- and Few-Shot Event Detection via Prompt-Based Meta Learning
Zhenrui Yue, Huimin Zeng, Mengfei Lan, Heng Ji and Dong Wang

Movie101: A New Movie Understanding Benchmark
Zihao Yue, Qi Zhang, Anwen Hu, Liang Zhang, Ziheng Wang and Qin Jin

Large Language Models Meet NL2Code: A Survey
Daoguang Zan, Bei Chen, Fengji Zhang, Dianjie Lu, Bingchao Wu, Bei Guan, Wang Yongji and Jian-Guang LOU

One Network, Many Masks: Towards More Parameter-Efficient Transfer Learning
Guangtao Zeng, Peiyuan Zhang and Wei Lu

Synthesize, Prompt and Transfer: Zero-shot Conversational Question Generation with Pre-trained Language Model
Hongwei Zeng, Bifan Wei, Jun Liu and Weiping Fu

Soft Language Clustering for Multilingual Model Pre-training
Jiali Zeng, Yufan Jiang, Yongjing Yin, Yi Jing, Fandong Meng, Binghuai Lin, Yunbo Cao and Jie Zhou

FutureTOD: Teaching Future Knowledge to Pre-trained Language Model for Task-Oriented Dialogue
Weihao Zeng, Keqing He, Yejie Wang, Chen Zeng, Jingang Wang, Yunsen Xian and Weiran Xu

Seen to Unseen: Exploring Compositional Generalization of Multi-Attribute Controllable Dialogue Generation
Weihao Zeng, Lulu Zhao, Keqing He, Ruotong Geng, Jingang Wang, Wei Wu and Weiran Xu

Cross-View Language Modeling: Towards Unified Cross-Lingual Cross-Modal Pre-training
Yan Zeng, Wangchunshu Zhou, Ao Luo, Ziming Cheng and Xinsong Zhang

Hints on the data for language modeling of synthetic languages with transformers
Rodolfo Zevallos and Nuria Bel

AlignScore: Evaluating Factual Consistency with A Unified Alignment Function
Yuheng Zha, Yichi Yang, Ruichen Li and Zhiting Hu

USSA: A Unified Table Filling Scheme for Structured Sentiment Analysis
Zepeng Zhai, Hao Chen, Ruifan Li and Xiaojie WANG

Contrastive Learning with Adversarial Examples for Alleviating Pathology of Language Model
Pengwei Zhan, Jing Yang, Xiao Huang, Chunlei Jing, Jingying Li and Liming Wang

Test-time Adaptation for Machine Translation Evaluation by Uncertainty Minimization
Runzhe Zhan, Xuebo Liu, Derek F. Wong, Cuilian Zhang, Lidia S. Chao and Min Zhang

Lifting the Curse of Capacity Gap in Distilling Language Models
Chen Zhang, Yang Yang, Jiahao Liu, Jingang Wang, Yunsen Xian, Benyou Wang and Dawei Song

DualGATs: Dual Graph Attention Networks for Emotion Recognition in Conversations
Duzhen Zhang, Feilong Chen and Xiuyi Chen

Dual Class Knowledge Propagation Network for Multi-label Few-shot Intent Detection
Feng Zhang, Wei Chen, Fei Ding and Tengjiao Wang

Understanding and Improving the Robustness of Terminology Constraints in Neural Machine Translation
Huaao Zhang, Qiang Wang, Bo Qin, Zelin Shi, haibo wang and MING CHEN

Reasoning over Hierarchical Question Decomposition Tree for Explainable Question Answering
Jiajie Zhang, Shulin Cao, Tingjian Zhang, Xin Lv, Juanzi Li, Lei Hou, Jiaxin Shi and Qi Tian

What Is Overlap Knowledge in Event Argument Extraction? APE: A Cross-datasets Transfer Learning Model for EAE
Kaihang Zhang, Kai Shuang, Xinyue Yang, Xuyang Yao and Jinyu Guo

Self-Edit: Fault-Aware Code Editor for Code Generation
Kechi Zhang, Zhuo Li, Jia Li, Ge Li and Zhi Jin

FC-KBQA: A Fine-to-Coarse Composition Framework for Knowledge Base Question Answering
Lingxi Zhang, Jing Zhang, Yanling Wang, Shulin Cao, Xinmei Huang, Cuiping Li, Hong Chen and Juanzi Li

A Needle in a Haystack: An Analysis of High-Agreement Workers on MTurk for Summarization
Lining Zhang, Simon Mille, Yufang Hou, Daniel Deutsch, Elizabeth Clark, Yixin Liu, Saad Mahamood, Sebastian Gehrmann, Miruna Clinciu, Khyathi Raghavi Chandu and João Sedoc

Span-level Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis via Table Filling
Mao Zhang, Yongxin Zhu, Zhen Liu, Zhimin Bao, Yunfei Wu, Xing Sun and Linli Xu

Learning Latent Relations for Temporal Knowledge Graph Reasoning
Mengqi Zhang, Yuwei Xia, Qiang Liu, Shu Wu and Liang Wang

Interpretable Math Word Problem Solution Generation via Step-by-step Planning
mengxue zhang, Zichao Wang, Zhichao Yang, weiqi feng and Andrew Lan

SafeConv: Explaining and Correcting Conversational Unsafe Behavior
Mian Zhang, Lifeng Jin, Linfeng Song, Haitao Mi, Wenliang Chen and Dong Yu

ESCOXLM-R: Multilingual Taxonomy-driven Pre-training for the Job Market Domain
Mike Zhang, Rob van der Goot and Barbara Plank

A Survey for Efficient Open Domain Question Answering
Qin Zhang, Shangsi Chen, Dongkuan Xu, Qingqing Cao, Xiaojun Chen, Trevor Cohn and Meng Fang

A Novel Table-to-Graph Generation Approach for Document-Level Joint Entity and Relation Extraction
Ruoyu Zhang, Yanzeng Li and Lei Zou

MixCE: Training Autoregressive Language Models by Mixing Forward and Reverse Cross-Entropies
Shiyue Zhang, Shijie Wu, Ozan Irsoy, Steven Lu, Mohit Bansal, Mark Dredze and David Rosenberg

Extractive is not Faithful: An Investigation of Broad Unfaithfulness Problems in Extractive Summarization
Shiyue Zhang, David Wan and Mohit Bansal

Towards Understanding and Improving Knowledge Distillation for Neural Machine Translation
Songming Zhang, Yunlong Liang, Shuaibo Wang, Yufeng Chen, Wenjuan Han, Jian Liu and Jinan Xu

Federated Learning for Semantic Parsing: Task Formulation, Evaluation Setup, New Algorithms
Tianshu Zhang, Changchang Liu, Wei-Han Lee, Yu Su and Huan Sun

Bridging The Gap: Entailment Fused-T5 for Open-retrieval Conversational Machine Reading Comprehension
Xiao Zhang, Heyan Huang, Zewen Chi and Xian-Ling Mao

A Cross-Modality Context Fusion and Semantic Refinement Network for Emotion Recognition in Conversation
Xiaoheng Zhang and Yang Li

MIL-Decoding: Detoxifying Language Models at Token-Level via Multiple Instance Learning
Xu Zhang and Xiaojun Wan

Continual Knowledge Distillation for Neural Machine Translation
Yuanchi Zhang, Peng Li, Maosong Sun and Yang Liu

VLN-Trans: Translator for the Vision and Language Navigation Agent
Yue Zhang and Parisa Kordjamshidi

XSemPLR: Cross-Lingual Semantic Parsing in Multiple Natural Languages and Meaning Representations
Yusen Zhang, Jun Wang, Zhiguo Wang and Rui Zhang

Plug-and-Play Knowledge Injection for Pre-trained Language Models
Zhengyan Zhang, Zhiyuan Zeng, Yankai Lin, Huadong Wang, Deming Ye, Chaojun Xiao, Xu Han, Zhiyuan Liu, Peng Li, Maosong Sun and Jie Zhou

Dialog-Post: Multi-Level Self-Supervised Objectives and Hierarchical Model for Dialogue Post-Training
Zhenyu Zhang, Lei Shen, Yuming Zhao, Meng Chen and Xiaodong He

ETHICIST: Targeted Training Data Extraction Through Loss Smoothed Soft Prompting and Calibrated Confidence Estimation
Zhexin Zhang, Jiaxin Wen and Minlie Huang

Fine-tuning Happens in Tiny Subspaces: Exploring Intrinsic Task-specific Subspaces of Pre-trained Language Models
Zhong Zhang, Bang Liu and Junming Shao

FEDLEGAL: The First Real-World Federated Learning Benchmark for Legal NLP
Zhuo Zhang, Xiangjing Hu, Jingyuan Zhang, Yating Zhang, Hui Wang, Lizhen Qu and Zenglin Xu

C-STANCE: A Large Dataset for Chinese Zero-Shot Stance Detection
Chenye Zhao, Yingjie Li and Cornelia Caragea

Infusing Hierarchical Guidance into Prompt Tuning: A Parameter-Efficient Framework for Multi-level Implicit Discourse Relation Recognition
Haodong Zhao, Ruifang He, Mengnan Xiao and Jing Xu

CHBias: Bias Evaluation and Mitigation of Chinese Conversational Language Models
Jiaxu Zhao, Meng Fang, Zijing Shi, Yitong Li, Ling Chen and Mykola Pechenizkiy

RE-Matching: A Fine-Grained Semantic Matching Method for Zero-Shot Relation Extraction
Jun Zhao, WenYu Zhan, Xin Zhao, Qi Zhang, Tao Gui, Zhongyu Wei, Junzhe Wang, Minlong Peng and Mingming Sun

Open Set Relation Extraction via Unknown-Aware Training
Jun Zhao, Xin Zhao, WenYu Zhan, Qi Zhang, Tao Gui, Zhongyu Wei, Yun Wen Chen, Xiang Gao and Xuanjing Huang

Actively Supervised Clustering for Open Relation Extraction
Jun Zhao, Yongxin Zhang, Qi Zhang, Tao Gui, Zhongyu Wei, Minlong Peng and Mingming Sun

Evaluating Open-Domain Dialogues in Latent Space with Next Sentence Prediction and Mutual Information
Kun Zhao, Bohao Yang, Chenghua Lin, Wenge Rong, Aline Villavicencio and Xiaohui Cui

Verify-and-Edit: A Knowledge-Enhanced Chain-of-Thought Framework
Ruochen Zhao, Xingxuan Li, Shafiq Joty, Chengwei Qin and Lidong Bing

Abductive Commonsense Reasoning Exploiting Mutually Exclusive Explanations
Wenting Zhao, Justin Chiu, Claire Cardie and Alexander Rush

Improving Continual Relation Extraction by Distinguishing Analogous Semantics
Wenzheng Zhao, Yuanning Cui and Wei Hu

Pre-trained Language Models Can be Fully Zero-Shot Learners
Xuandong Zhao, Siqi Ouyang, Zhiguo Yu, Ming Wu and Lei Li

RobuT: A Systematic Study of Table QA Robustness Against Human-Annotated Adversarial Perturbations
Yilun Zhao, Chen Zhao, Linyong Nan, Zhenting Qi, Wenlin Zhang, Xiangru Tang, Boyu Mi and Dragomir Radev

Generating Visual Spatial Description via Holistic 3D Scene Understanding
Yu Zhao, Hao Fei, Wei Ji, Jianguo Wei, Meishan Zhang, Min Zhang and Tat-Seng Chua

Incorporating Attribution Importance for Improving Faithfulness Metrics
Zhixue Zhao and Nikolaos Aletras

Knowledgeable Parameter Efficient Tuning Network for Commonsense Question Answering
Ziwang Zhao, Linmei Hu, Hanyu Zhao, Yingxia Shao and Yequan Wang

An Invariant Learning Characterization of Controlled Text Generation
Carolina Zheng, Claudia Shi, Keyon Vafa, Amir Feder and David Blei

Rethinking Multimodal Entity and Relation Extraction from a Translation Point of View
Changmeng Zheng, Junhao Feng, Yi Cai, Xiaoyong Wei and Qing Li

Preserving Commonsense Knowledge from Pre-trained Language Models via Causal Inference
Junhao Zheng, Qianli Ma, Shengjie Qiu, Yue Wu, Peitian Ma, Junlong Liu, Huawen Feng, Xichen Shang and Haibin Chen

Generating Structured Pseudo Labels for Noise-resistant Zero-shot Video Sentence Localization
Minghang Zheng, Shaogang Gong, Hailin Jin, Yuxin Peng and Yang Liu

IM-TQA: A Chinese Table Question Answering Dataset with Implicit and Multi-type Table Structures
Mingyu Zheng, Yang Hao, Wenbin Jiang, Zheng Lin, Yajuan Lyu, QiaoQiao She and Weiping Wang

Contextual Knowledge Learning for Dialogue Generation
Wen Zheng, Natasa Milic-Frayling and Ke Zhou

A Facial Expression-Aware Multimodal Multi-task Learning Framework for Emotion Recognition in Multi-party Conversations
Wenjie Zheng, Jianfei Yu, Rui Xia and Shijin Wang

Robust Representation Learning with Reliable Pseudo-labels Generation via Self-Adaptive Optimal Transport for Short Text Clustering
Xiaolin Zheng, Mengling Hu, Weiming Liu, Chaochao Chen and Xinting Liao

Jointprop: Joint Semi-supervised Learning for Entity and Relation Extraction with Heterogeneous Graph-based Propagation
yandan zheng, Anran Hao and Anh Tuan Luu

NatLogAttack: A Framework for Attacking Natural Language Inference Models with Natural Logic
Zi’ou Zheng and Xiaodan Zhu

Revisiting Token Dropping Strategy in Efficient BERT Pretraining
Qihuang Zhong, Liang Ding, Juhua Liu, Xuebo Liu, Min Zhang, Bo Du and Dacheng Tao

Causal-Debias: Unifying Debiasing in Pretrained Language Models and Fine-tuning via Causal Invariant Learning
Fan Zhou, Yuzhou Mao, Liu Yu, Yi Yang and Ting Zhong

CLCL: Non-compositional Expression Detection with Contrastive Learning and Curriculum Learning
Jianing Zhou, Ziheng Zeng and Suma Bhat

CASE: Aligning Coarse-to-Fine Cognition and Affection for Empathetic Response Generation
Jinfeng Zhou, Chujie Zheng, Bo Wang, Zheng Zhang and Minlie Huang

Facilitating Multi-turn Emotional Support Conversation with Positive Emotion Elicitation: A Reinforcement Learning Approach
Jinfeng Zhou, Zhuang Chen, Bo Wang and Minlie Huang

SimOAP: Improve Coherence and Consistency in Persona-based Dialogue Generation via Over-sampling and Post-evaluation
Junkai Zhou, Liang Pang, Huawei Shen and Xueqi Cheng

I Cast Detect Thoughts: Learning to Converse and Guide with Intents and Theory-of-Mind in Dungeons and Dragons
Pei Zhou, Andrew Zhu, Jennifer Hu, Jay Pujara, Xiang Ren, Chris Callison-Burch, Yejin Choi and Prithviraj Ammanabrolu

Bridging the Gap between Decision and Logits in Decision-based Knowledge Distillation for Pre-trained Language Models
Qinhong Zhou, Zonghan Yang, Peng Li and Yang Liu

Improving Self-training for Cross-lingual Named Entity Recognition with Contrastive and Prototype Learning
Ran Zhou, Xin Li, Lidong Bing, Erik Cambria and Chunyan Miao

Continual Contrastive Finetuning Improves Low-Resource Relation Extraction
Wenxuan Zhou, Sheng Zhang, Tristan Naumann, Muhao Chen and Hoifung Poon

CMOT: Cross-modal Mixup via Optimal Transport for Speech Translation
Yan Zhou, Qingkai Fang and Yang Feng

FLamE: Few-shot Learning from Natural Language Explanations
Yangqiaoyu Zhou, Yiming Zhang and Chenhao Tan

Non-Sequential Graph Script Induction via Multimedia Grounding
Yu Zhou, Sha Li, Manling Li, Xudong Lin, Shih-Fu Chang, Mohit Bansal and Heng Ji

Two Birds One Stone: Dynamic Ensemble for OOD Intent Classification
Yunhua Zhou, Jianqiang Yang, Pengyu Wang and Xipeng Qiu

A Probabilistic Framework for Discovering New Intents
Yunhua Zhou, Guofeng Quan and Xipeng Qiu

FIREBALL: A Dataset of Dungeons and Dragons Actual-Play with Structured Game State Information
Andrew Zhu, Karmanya Aggarwal, Alexander Feng, Lara Martin and Chris Callison-Burch

Weaker Than You Think: A Critical Look at Weakly Supervised Learning
Dawei Zhu, Xiaoyu Shen, Marius Mosbach, Andreas Stephan and Dietrich Klakow

Neural Machine Translation Methods for Translating Text to Sign Language Glosses
Dele Zhu, Vera Czehmann and Eleftherios Avramidis

HiTIN: Hierarchy-aware Tree Isomorphism Network for Hierarchical Text Classification
He Zhu, Chong Zhang, Junjie Huang, Junran Wu and Ke Xu

PAED: Zero-Shot Persona Attribute Extraction in Dialogues
Luyao Zhu, Wei Li, Rui Mao, Vlad Pandelea and Erik Cambria

Annotating and Detecting Fine-grained Factual Errors for Dialogue Summarization
Rongxin Zhu, Jianzhong Qi and Jey Han Lau

PEIT: Bridging the Modality Gap with Pre-trained Models for End-to-End Image Translation
Shaolin Zhu, Shangjie Li, Yikun Lei and Deyi Xiong

INK: Injecting kNN Knowledge in Nearest Neighbor Machine Translation
Wenhao Zhu, Jingjing Xu, Shujian Huang, Lingpeng Kong and Jiajun CHEN

Solving Math Word Problems via Cooperative Reasoning induced Language Models
Xinyu Zhu, Junjie Wang, Lin Zhang, Yuxiang Zhang, Yongfeng Huang, ruyi gan, Jiaxing Zhang and Yujiu Yang

StoryTrans: Non-Parallel Story Author-Style Transfer with Discourse Representations and Content Enhancing
Xuekai Zhu, Jian Guan, Minlie Huang and Juan Liu

Pretrained Bidirectional Distillation for Machine Translation
Yimeng Zhuang and Mei Tu

WhitenedCSE: Whitening-based Contrastive Learning of Sentence Embeddings
Wenjie Zhuo, Yifan Sun, Xiaohan Wang, Linchao Zhu and Yi Yang

Modeling Appropriate Language in Argumentation
Timon Ziegenbein, Shahbaz Syed, Felix Lange, Martin Potthast and Henning Wachsmuth

NormBank: A Knowledge Bank of Situational Social Norms
Caleb Ziems, Jane Dwivedi-Yu, Yi-Chia Wang, Alon Halevy and Diyi Yang

Multi-VALUE: A Framework for Cross-Dialectal English NLP
Caleb Ziems, William Held, Jingfeng Yang, Jwala Dhamala, Rahul Gupta and Diyi Yang

Towards Understanding Omission in Dialogue Summarization
Yicheng Zou, Kaitao Song, Xu Tan, Zhongkai Fu, Qi Zhang, Dongsheng Li and Tao Gui

Tokenization and the Noiseless Channel
Vilém Zouhar, Clara Meister, Juan Gastaldi, Li Du, Mrinmaya Sachan and Ryan Cotterell

Soft Alignment Objectives for Robust Adaptation of Language Generation
Michal Štefánik, Marek Kadlcik and Petr Sojka

Short Papers

LM-CPPF: Paraphrasing-Guided Data Augmentation for Contrastive Prompt-Based Few-Shot Fine-Tuning
Amirhossein Abaskohi, Sascha Rothe and Yadollah Yaghoobzadeh

The Mechanical Bard: An Interpretable Machine Learning Approach to Shakespearean Sonnet Generation
Edwin Agnew, Michelle Qiu, Lily Zhu, Sam Wiseman and Cynthia Rudin

Learning Neuro-Symbolic World Models with Conversational Proprioception
Don Joven Agravante, Daiki Kimura, Michiaki Tatsubori, Asim Munawar and Alexander Gray

TeCS: A Dataset and Benchmark for Tense Consistency of Machine Translation
Yiming Ai, Zhiwei He, Kai Yu and Rui Wang

Is Anisotropy Truly Harmful? A Case Study on Text Clustering
Mira Ait-Saada and Mohamed Nadif

The Role of Global and Local Context in Named Entity Recognition
Arthur Amalvy, Vincent Labatut and Richard Dufour

Hexatagging: Projective Dependency Parsing as Tagging
Afra Amini, Tianyu Liu and Ryan Cotterell

Nichelle and Nancy: The Influence of Demographic Attributes and Tokenization Length on First Name Biases
Haozhe An and Rachel Rudinger

Split-NER: Named Entity Recognition via Two Question-Answering-based Classifications
Jatin Arora and Youngja Park

Faithfulness Tests for Natural Language Explanations
Pepa Atanasova, Oana-Maria Camburu, Christina Lioma, Thomas Lukasiewicz, Jakob Grue Simonsen and Isabelle Augenstein

A Simple and Effective Framework for Strict Zero-Shot Hierarchical Classification
Rohan Bhambhoria, Lei Chen and Xiaodan Zhu

Decomposed scoring of CCG dependencies
Aditya Bhargava and Gerald Penn

Efficient Diagnosis Assignment Using Unstructured Clinical Notes
Louis Blankemeier, Jason Fries, Robert Tinn, Joseph Preston, Nigam Shah and Akshay Chaudhari

An Open Dataset and Model for Language Identification
Laurie Burchell, Alexandra Birch, Nikolay Bogoychev and Kenneth Heafield

Evaluating Zero-Shot Event Structures: Recommendations for Automatic Content Extraction (ACE) Annotations
Erica Cai and Brendan O’Connor

Graph Propagation based Data Augmentation for Named Entity Recognition
Jiong Cai, Shen Huang, Yong Jiang, Zeqi Tan, Pengjun Xie and Kewei Tu

Substitution-based Semantic Change Detection using Contextual Embeddings
Dallas Card

XL-LEXEME: WiC Pretrained Model for Cross-Lingual LEXical sEMantic changE
Pierluigi Cassotti, Lucia Siciliani, Marco DeGemmis, Giovanni Semeraro and Pierpaolo Basile

Controllable Mixed-Initiative Dialogue Generation through Prompting
Maximillian Chen, Xiao Yu, Weiyan Shi, Urvi Awasthi and Zhou Yu

xSIM++: An Improved Proxy to Bitext Mining Performance for Low-Resource Languages
Mingda Chen, Kevin Heffernan, Onur Çelebi, Alexandre Mourachko and Holger Schwenk

Toward Expanding the Scope of Radiology Report Summarization to Multiple Anatomies and Modalities
Zhihong Chen, Maya Varma, Xiang Wan, Curtis Langlotz and Jean-Benoit Delbrouck

Text-to-SQL Error Correction with Language Models of Code
Ziru Chen, Shijie Chen, Michael White, Raymond Mooney, Ali Payani, Jayanth Srinivasa, Yu Su and Huan Sun

Task-Aware Specialization for Efficient and Robust Dense Retrieval for Open-Domain Question Answering
Hao Cheng, Hao Fang, Xiaodong Liu and Jianfeng Gao

PLUE: Language Understanding Evaluation Benchmark for Privacy Policies in English
Jianfeng Chi, Wasi Uddin Ahmad, Yuan Tian and Kai-Wei Chang

Latent Positional Information is in the Self-Attention Variance of Transformer Language Models Without Positional Embeddings
Ta-Chung Chi, Ting-Han Fan, Li-Wei Chen, alexander rudnicky and Peter Ramadge

Should you marginalize over possible tokenizations?
Nadezhda Chirkova, Germán Kruszewski, Jos Rozen and Marc Dymetman

Leveraging Prefix Transfer for Multi-Intent Text Revision
Ruining Chong, Cunliang Kong, Liu Wu, Zhenghao Liu, Ziye Jin, Liner Yang, Yange Fan, Hanghang Fan and Erhong Yang

Black-box language model explanation by context length probing
Ondřej Cífka and Antoine Liutkus

Scaling in Cognitive Modelling: a Multilingual Approach to Human Reading Times
Andrea Gregor de Varda and Marco Marelli

Zero-shot Cross-lingual Transfer With Learned Projections Using Unlabeled Target-Language Data
Ujan Deb, Ridayesh Parab and Preethi Jyothi

Context-Aware Transformer Pre-Training for Answer Sentence Selection
Luca Di Liello, Siddhant Garg and Alessandro Moschitti

When to Use Efficient Self Attention? Profiling Text, Speech and Image Transformer Variants
Anuj Diwan, Eunsol Choi and David Harwath

Improving Factuality of Abstractive Summarization without Sacrificing Summary Quality
Tanay Dixit, Fei Wang and Muhao Chen

Surface-Based Retrieval Reduces Perplexity of Retrieval-Augmented Language Models
Ehsan Doostmohammadi, Tobias Norlund, Marco Kuhlmann and Richard Johansson

Improving Gender Fairness of Pre-Trained Language Models without Catastrophic Forgetting
Zahra Fatemi, Chen Xing, Wenhao Liu, Caimming Xiong and Zahra Fatemi

Reasoning Implicit Sentiment with Chain-of-Thought Prompting
Hao Fei, Bobo Li, Qian Liu, Lidong Bing, Fei Li and Tat-Seng Chua

Using contradictions improves question answering systems
Etienne Fortier-Dubois and Domenic Rosati

Mind the Gap between the Application Track and the Real World
Ananya Ganesh, Jie Cao, E. Margaret Perkoff, Rosy Southwell, Martha Palmer and Katharina Kann

Analyzing Text Representations by Measuring Task Alignment
Cesar Gonzalez-Gutierrez, Audi Primadhanty, Francesco Cazzaro and Ariadna Quattoni

Morphological Inflection with Phonological Features
David Guriel, Omer Goldman and Reut Tsarfaty

Detoxifying Text with MaRCo: Controllable Revision with Experts and Anti-Experts
Skyler Hallinan, Alisa Liu, Yejin Choi and Maarten Sap

Modality Adaption or Regularization? A Case Study on End-to-End Speech Translation
Yuchen Han, Chen Xu, Tong Xiao and Jingbo Zhu

Ellipsis-Dependent Reasoning: a New Challenge for Large Language Models
Daniel Hardt

Characterization of Stigmatizing Language in Medical Records
Keith Harrigian, Ayah Zirikly, Brant Chee, Alya Ahmad, Anne R. Links, Somnath Saha, Mary Catherine Beach and Mark Dredze

BUCA: A Binary Classification Approach to Unsupervised Commonsense Question Answering
Jie He, Simon U, Victor Gutierrez-Basulto and Jeff Pan

ChatGPT for Zero-shot Dialogue State Tracking: A Solution or an Opportunity?
Michael Heck, Nurul Lubis, Benjamin Ruppik, Renato Vukovic, Shutong Feng, Christian Geishauser, Hsien-chin Lin, Carel van Niekerk and Milica Gasic

Contrastive Bootstrapping for Label Refinement
Shudi Hou, Yu Xia, Muhao Chen and Sujian Li

Multimodal Relation Extraction with Cross-Modal Retrieval and Synthesis
Xuming Hu, Zhijiang Guo, ZHIYANG TENG, Irwin King and Philip S. Yu

MultiTool-CoT: GPT-3 Can Use Multiple External Tools with Chain of Thought Prompting
Tatsuro Inaba, Hirokazu Kiyomaru, Fei Cheng and Sadao Kurohashi

KNOW How to Make Up Your Mind! Adversarially Detecting and Alleviating Inconsistencies in Natural Language Explanations
Myeongjun Jang, Bodhisattwa Prasad Majumder, Julian McAuley, Thomas Lukasiewicz and Oana-Maria Camburu

An (unhelpful) guide to selecting the best ASR architecture for your under-resourced language
Robert Jimerson, Zoey Liu and Emily Prud’hommeaux

Discourse-Level Representations can Improve Prediction of Degree of Anxiety
Swanie Juhng, Matthew Matero, Vasudha Varadarajan, Johannes C. Eichstaedt, Adithya V Ganesan and H. Andrew Schwartz

Bring More Attention to Syntactic Symmetry for Automatic Postediting of High-Quality Machine Translations
Baikjin Jung, Myungji Lee, Jong-Hyeok Lee and Yunsu Kim

Table and Image Generation for Investigating Knowledge of Entities in Pre-trained Vision and Language Models
Hidetaka Kamigaito, Katsuhiko Hayashi and Taro Watanabe

Stop Pre-Training: Adapt Visual-Language Models to Unseen Languages
Yasmine Karoui, Rémi Lebret, Negar Foroutan Eghlidi and Karl Aberer

A Better Way to Do Masked Language Model Scoring
Carina Kauf and Anna Ivanova

Tracing Linguistic Markers of Influence in a Large Online Organisation
Prashant Khare, Ravi Shekhar, Mladen Karan, Stephen McQuistin, Colin Perkins, Ignacio Castro, Gareth Tyson, Patrick Healey and Matthew Purver

Transformed Protoform Reconstruction
Young Min Kim, Kalvin Chang, Chenxuan Cui and David R. Mortensen

Probing Physical Reasoning with Counter-Commonsense Context
Kazushi Kondo, Saku Sugawara and Akiko Aizawa

Do Models Really Learn to Follow Instructions? An Empirical Study of Instruction Tuning
Po-Nien Kung and Nanyun Peng

S3HQA: A Three-Stage Approach for Multi-hop Text-Table Hybrid Question Answering
Fangyu Lei, Xiang Li, Yifan Wei, Shizhu He, Yiming Huang, Jun Zhao and Kang Liu

NarrowBERT: Accelerating Masked Language Model Pretraining and Inference
Haoxin Li, Phillip Keung, Daniel Cheng, Jungo Kasai and Noah A. Smith

HiPool: Modeling Long Documents Using Graph Neural Networks
Irene Li, Aosong Feng, Dragomir Radev and Rex Ying

How Well Apply Simple MLP to Incomplete Utterance Rewriting?
Jiang Li, Xiangdong Su, Xinlan Ma and Guanglai Gao

Counterfactual reasoning: Testing language models’ understanding of hypothetical scenarios
Jiaxuan Li, Lang Yu and Allyson Ettinger

Prefix Propagation: Parameter-Efficient Tuning for Long Sequences
Jonathan Li, Will Aitken, Rohan Bhambhoria and Xiaodan Zhu

Diversity-Aware Coherence Loss for Improving Neural Topic Models
Raymond Li, Felipe Gonzalez-Pizarro, Linzi Xing, Gabriel Murray and Giuseppe Carenini

AutoConv: Automatically Generating Information-seeking Conversations with Large Language Models
Siheng Li, Cheng Yang, Yichun Yin, Xinyu Zhu, Zesen Cheng, Lifeng Shang, Xin Jiang, Qun Liu and Yujiu Yang

Metaphor Detection via Explicit Basic Meanings Modelling
Yucheng Li, Shun Wang, Chenghua Lin and Frank Guerin

Uncertainty-Aware Bootstrap Learning for Joint Extraction on Distantly-Supervised Data
Yufei Li, Xiao Yu, Yanchi Liu, Haifeng Chen and Cong Liu

LI-RAGE: Late Interaction Retrieval Augmented Generation with Explicit Signals for Open-Domain Table Question Answering
Weizhe Lin, Rexhina Blloshmi, Bill Byrne, Adria de Gispert and Gonzalo Iglesias

Linear Classifier: An Often-Forgotten Baseline for Text Classification
Yu-Chen Lin, Si-An Chen, Jie-Jyun Liu and Chih-Jen Lin

Are Sample-Efficient NLP Models More Robust?
Nelson F. Liu, Ananya Kumar, Percy Liang and Robin Jia

BOLT: Fast Energy-based Controlled Text Generation with Tunable Biases
Xin Liu, Muhammad Khalifa and Lu Wang

MolXPT: Wrapping Molecules with Text for Generative Pre-training
Zequn Liu, Wei Zhang, Yingce Xia, Lijun Wu, Shufang Xie, Tao Qin, Ming Zhang and Tie-Yan Liu

TwistList: Resources and Baselines for Tongue Twister Generation
Tyler Loakman, Chen Tang and Chenghua Lin

Improving Grammar-based Sequence-to-Sequence Modeling with Decomposition and Constraints
Chao Lou and Kewei Tu

Event Extraction as Question Generation and Answering
Di Lu, Shihao Ran, Joel Tetreault and Alejandro Jaimes

A Study on the Efficiency and Generalization of Light Hybrid Retrievers
Man Luo, Shashank Jain, Anchit Gupta, Arash Einolghozati, Barlas Oguz, Debojeet Chatterjee, Xilun Chen, Chitta Baral and Peyman Heidari

Parameter-efficient Weight Ensembling Facilitates Task-level Knowledge Transfer
Xingtai Lv, Ning Ding, Yujia Qin, Zhiyuan Liu and Maosong Sun

Focused Prefix Tuning for Controllable Text Generation
Congda Ma, Tianyu Zhao, Makoto Shing, Kei Sawada and Manabu Okumura

Improving Syntactic Probing Correctness and Robustness with Control Tasks
Weicheng Ma, Brian Wang, Hefan Zhang, Lili Wang, Rolando Coto-Solano, Saeed Hassanpour and Soroush Vosoughi

Bhasa-Abhijnaanam: Native-script and romanized Language Identification for 22 Indic languages
Yash Madhani, Mitesh M. Khapra and Anoop Kunchukuttan

Dataset Distillation with Attention Labels for Fine-tuning BERT
Aru Maekawa, Naoki Kobayashi, Kotaro Funakoshi and Manabu Okumura

Teaching Small Language Models to Reason
Lucie Charlotte Magister, Jonathan Mallinson, Jakub Adamek, Eric Malmi and Aliaksei Severyn

UniTRec: A Unified Text-to-Text Transformer and Joint Contrastive Learning Framework for Text-based Recommendation
Zhiming Mao, Huimin Wang, Yiming Du and Kam-Fai Wong

Exploring the Impact of Layer Normalization for Zero-shot Neural Machine Translation
Zhuoyuan Mao, Raj Dabre, Qianying Liu, Haiyue Song, Chenhui Chu and Sadao Kurohashi

AMRs Assemble! Learning to Ensemble with Autoregressive Models for AMR Parsing
Abelardo Carlos Martínez Lorenzo, ‪Pere-Lluís Huguet Cabot and Roberto Navigli

Theory-Grounded Computational Text Analysis
Arya D. McCarthy and Giovanna Maria Dora Dore

A Natural Bias for Language Generation Models
Clara Meister, Wojciech Stokowiec, Tiago Pimentel, Lei Yu, Laura Rimell and Adhiguna Kuncoro

Trading Syntax Trees for Wordpieces: Target-oriented Opinion Words Extraction with Wordpieces and Aspect Enhancement
Samuel Mensah, Kai Sun and Nikolaos Aletras

Deep Active Learning for Morphophonological Processing
Seyed Morteza Mirbostani, Yasaman Boreshban, Salam Khalifa, SeyedAbolghasem Mirroshandel and Owen Rambow

mOKB6: A Multilingual Open Knowledge Base Completion Benchmark
Shubham Mittal, Keshav Kolluru, Soumen Chakrabarti and Mausam

MetaVL: Transferring In-Context Learning Ability From Language Models to Vision-Language Models
Masoud Monajatipoor, Liunian Harold Li, Mozhdeh Rouhsedaghat, Lin Yang and Kai-Wei Chang

Enhancing Event Causality Identification with Counterfactual Reasoning
Feiteng Mu and Wenjie Li

Grokking of Hierarchical Structure in Vanilla Transformers
Shikhar Murty, Pratyusha Sharma, Jacob Andreas and Christopher Manning

Considerations for meaningful sign language machine translation based on glosses
Mathias Müller, Zifan Jiang, Amit Moryossef, Annette Rios and Sarah Ebling

Simple Augmentations of Logical Rules for Neuro-Symbolic Knowledge Graph Completion
Ananjan Nandi, Navdeep Kaur, Parag Singla and Mausam

Class based Influence Functions for Error Detection
Thang Nguyen-Duc, Hoang Thanh-Tung, Quan Hung Tran, Dang Huu-Tien, Hieu Nguyen, Anh T. V. Dau and Nghi Bui

A Fast Algorithm for Computing Prefix Probabilities
Franz Nowak and Ryan Cotterell

Self-Distilled Quantization: Achieving High Compression Rates in Transformer-Based Language Models
James O’Neill and Sourav Dutta

The Ecological Fallacy in Annotation: Modeling Human Label Variation goes beyond Sociodemographics
Matthias Orlikowski, Paul Röttger, Philipp Cimiano and Dirk Hovy

Controlling the Extraction of Memorized Data from Large Language Models via Prompt-Tuning
Mustafa Ozdayi, Charith Peris, Jack FitzGerald, Christophe Dupuy, Jimit Majmudar, Haidar Khan, Rahil Parikh and Rahul Gupta

Token-Level Self-Evolution Training for Sequence-to-Sequence Learning
Keqin Peng, Liang Ding, Qihuang Zhong, Yuanxin Ouyang, Wenge Rong, Zhang Xiong and Dacheng Tao

Credible without Credit: Domain Experts Assess Generative Language Models
Denis Peskoff and Brandon Stewart

STT4SG-350: A Speech Corpus for All Swiss German Dialect Regions
Michel Plüss, Jan Deriu, Yanick Schraner, Claudio Paonessa, Julia Hartmann, Larissa Schmidt, Christian Scheller, Manuela Hürlimann, Tanja Samardžić, Manfred Vogel and Mark Cieliebak

Unsupervised Subtitle Segmentation with Masked Language Models
David Ponce, Thierry Etchegoyhen and Victor Ruiz

Multi-Document Summarization with Centroid-Based Pretraining
Ratish Surendran Puduppully, Parag Jain, Nancy Chen and Mark Steedman

Covering Uncommon Ground: Gap-Focused Question Generation for Answer Assessment
Roni Rabin, Alexandre Djerbetian, Roee Engelberg, Lidan Hackmon, Gal Elidan, Reut Tsarfaty and Amir Globerson

Improving Generalization in Language Model-based Text-to-SQL Semantic Parsing: Two Simple Semantic Boundary-based Techniques
Daking Rai, Bailin Wang, Yilun Zhou and Ziyu Yao

Do GPTs Produce Less Literal Translations?
Vikas Raunak, Arul Menezes, Matt Post and Hany Hassan

MIReAD: Simple Method for Learning High-quality Representations from Scientific Documents
Anastasiia Razdaibiedina and Aleksandr Brechalov

The Inside Story: Towards Better Understanding of Machine Translation Neural Evaluation Metrics
Ricardo Rei, Nuno M. Guerreiro, Marcos Treviso, Luisa Coheur, Alon Lavie and André Martins

Randomized Positional Encodings Boost Length Generalization of Transformers
Anian Ruoss, Grégoire Delétang, Tim Genewein, Jordi Grau-Moya, Róbert Csordás, Mehdi Bennani, Shane Legg and Joel Veness

RAMP: Retrieval and Attribute-Marking Enhanced Prompting for Attribute-Controlled Translation
Gabriele Sarti, Phu Mon Htut, Xing Niu, Benjamin Hsu, Anna Currey, Georgiana Dinu and Maria Nadejde

ACTC: Active Threshold Calibration for Cold-Start Knowledge Graph Completion
Anastasiia Sedova and Benjamin Roth

The Tail Wagging the Dog: Dataset Construction Biases of Social Bias Benchmarks
Nikil Selvam, Sunipa Dev, Daniel Khashabi, Tushar Khot and Kai-Wei Chang

Summarizing, Simplifying, and Synthesizing Medical Evidence using GPT-3 (with Varying Success)
Chantal Shaib, Millicent Li, Sebastian Joseph, Iain Marshall, Junyi Jessy Li and Byron Wallace

Class-Incremental Learning based on Label Generation
Yijia Shao, Yiduo Guo, Dongyan Zhao and Bing Liu

ScoNe: Benchmarking Negation Reasoning in Language Models With Fine-Tuning and In-Context Learning
Jingyuan S. She, Christopher Potts, Samuel R. Bowman and Atticus Geiger

NollySenti: Leveraging Transfer Learning and Machine Translation for Nigerian Movie Sentiment Classification
Iyanuoluwa Shode, David Ifeoluwa Adelani, JIng Peng and Anna Feldman

Detecting Contradictory COVID-19 Drug Efficacy Claims from Biomedical Literature
Daniel Sosa, Malavika Suresh, Christopher Potts and Russ Altman

Joint End-to-end Semantic Proto-role Labeling
Elizabeth Spaulding, Gary Kazantsev and Mark Dredze

Environmental Claim Detection
Dominik Stammbach, Nicolas Webersinke, Julia Bingler, Mathias Kraus and Markus Leippold

With a Little Push, NLI Models can Robustly and Efficiently Predict Faithfulness
Julius Steen, Juri Opitz, Anette Frank and Katja Markert

Modular Visual Question Answering via Code Generation
Sanjay Subramanian, Medhini Narasimhan, Kushal Khangaonkar, Kevin Yang, Arsha Nagrani, Cordelia Schmid, Andy Zeng, Trevor Darrell and Dan Klein

Balancing Lexical and Semantic Quality in Abstractive Summarization
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Towards Fewer Hallucinations in Knowledge-Grounded Dialogue Generation via Augmentative and Contrastive Knowledge-Dialogue
Bin Sun, Yitong Li, Fei Mi, fanhu bie, Yiwei Li and Kan Li

Measuring the Effect of Influential Messages on Varying Personas
Chenkai Sun, Jinning Li, Hou Pong Chan, ChengXiang Zhai and Heng Ji

Are Pre-trained Language Models Useful for Model Ensemble in Chinese Grammatical Error Correction?
Chenming Tang, Xiuyu Wu and Yunfang Wu

Bootstrapping Neural Relation and Explanation Classifiers
Zheng Tang and Mihai Surdeanu

Typo-Robust Representation Learning for Dense Retrieval
Panuthep Tasawong, Wuttikorn Ponwitayarat, Peerat Limkonchotiwat, Can Udomcharoenchaikit, Ekapol Chuangsuwanich and Sarana Nutanong

Language Models Get a Gender Makeover: Mitigating Gender Bias with Few-Shot Data Interventions
Himanshu Thakur, Atishay Jain, Praneetha Vaddamanu, Paul Pu Liang and Louis-Philippe Morency

Deriving Language Models from Masked Language Models
Lucas Torroba Hennigen and Yoon Kim

Evaluating pragmatic abilities of image captioners on A3DS
Polina Tsvilodub and Michael Franke

On the Interpretability and Significance of Bias Metrics in Texts: a PMI-based Approach
Francisco Valentini, Germán Rosati, Damián Blasi, Diego Fernandez Slezak and Edgar Altszyler

Abstractive Summarizers are Excellent Extractive Summarizers
Daniel Varab and Yumo Xu

Evaluating Paraphrastic Robustness in Textual Entailment Models
Dhruv Verma, Yash Kumar Lal, Shreyashee Sinha, Benjamin Van Durme and Adam Poliak

Improving Automatic Quotation Attribution in Literary Novels
Krishnapriya Vishnubhotla, Frank Rudzicz, Graeme Hirst and Adam Hammond

Going Beyond Sentence Embeddings: A Token-Level Matching Algorithm for Calculating Semantic Textual Similarity
Hongwei Wang and Dong Yu

MOSPC: MOS Prediction Based on Pairwise Comparison
Kexin Wang, Yunlong Zhao, Qianqian Dong, Tom Ko and Mingxuan Wang

The Art of Prompting: Event Detection based on Type Specific Prompts
Sijia Wang, Mo Yu and Lifu Huang

Let Me Check the Examples: Enhancing Demonstration Learning via Explicit Imitation
Sirui Wang, Kaiwen Wei, Hongzhi Zhang, Yuntao Li and Wei Wu

Learning Multi-Step Reasoning by Solving Arithmetic Tasks
Tianduo Wang and Wei Lu

How to Distill your BERT: An Empirical Study on the Impact of Weight Initialisation and Distillation Objectives
Xinpeng Wang, Leonie Weissweiler, Hinrich Schütze and Barbara Plank

Zero-Shot and Few-Shot Stance Detection on Varied Topics via Conditional Generation
Haoyang Wen and Alexander Hauptmann

A Holistic Approach to Reference-Free Evaluation of Machine Translation
Hanming Wu, Wenjuan Han, Hui Di, Yufeng Chen and Jinan Xu

Listener Model for the PhotoBook Referential Game with CLIPScores as Implicit Reference Chain
Shih-Lun Wu, Yi-Hui Chou and Liangze Li

Debiasing Generative Named Entity Recognition by Calibrating Sequence Likelihood
Yu Xia, Yongwei Zhao, Wenhao Wu and Sujian Li

mPMR: A Multilingual Pre-trained Machine Reader at Scale
Weiwen Xu, Xin Li, Wai Lam and Lidong Bing

Exploring Continual Learning for Code Generation Models
Prateek Yadav, Qing Sun, Hantian Ding, Xiaopeng Li, Dejiao Zhang, Ming Tan, Parminder Bhatia, Xiaofei Ma, Ramesh Nallapati, Murali Krishna Ramanathan, Mohit Bansal and Bing Xiang

An Embarrassingly Easy but Strong Baseline for Nested Named Entity Recognition
Hang Yan, Yu Sun, Xiaonan Li and Xipeng Qiu

In and Out-of-Domain Text Adversarial Robustness via Label Smoothing
Yahan Yang, Soham Dan, Dan Roth and Insup Lee

A Weakly Supervised Classifier and Dataset of White Supremacist Language
Michael Yoder, Ahmad Diab, David Brown and Kathleen Carley

Gradient Ascent Post-training Enhances Language Model Generalization
Dongkeun Yoon, Joel Jang, Sungdong Kim and Minjoon Seo

Back to Patterns: Efficient Japanese Morphological Analysis with Feature-Sequence Trie
Naoki Yoshinaga

Target-Based Offensive Language Identification
Marcos Zampieri, Skye Morgan, Kai North, Tharindu Ranasinghe, Austin Simmmons, Paridhi Khandelwal, Sara Rosenthal and Preslav Nakov

COGEN: Abductive Commonsense Language Generation
rohola zandie, Diwanshu Shekhar and Mohammad Mahoor

ReAugKD: Retrieval-Augmented Knowledge Distillation For Pre-trained Language Models
Jianyi Zhang, Aashiq Muhamed, Aditya Anantharaman, Guoyin Wang, Changyou Chen, Kai Zhong, Qingjun Cui, Yi Xu, Belinda Zeng, Trishul Chilimbi and Yiran Chen

A Simple Concatenation can Effectively Improve Speech Translation
Linlin Zhang, Kai Fan, Boxing Chen and Luo Si

Understanding Demonstration-based Learning from a Causal Perspective
Ruiyi Zhang and Tong Yu

Towards Adaptive Prefix Tuning for Parameter-Efficient Language Model Fine-tuning
Zhen-Ru Zhang, Chuanqi Tan, Haiyang Xu, Chengyu Wang, jun huang and Songfang Huang

Revisiting Automated Prompting: Are We Actually Doing Better?
Yulin Zhou, Yiren Zhao, Ilia Shumailov, Robert Mullins and Yarin Gal

Robust Learning for Multi-party Addressee Recognition with Discrete Addressee Codebook
Pengcheng Zhu, Wei Zhou, Kuncai Zhang, Yuankai Ma and Haiqing Chen